Is It Normal to Have Puffiness Underneath my Eyes and Swollen Eyelids After Vi Peel?

The next day, after I woke up from having the vi peel, there was quite a bit of puffiness underneath my eyes (like small bags of loose skin) that I never had before, and my eyelids were a bit swollen. Is this normal and will it go away? What can I do to make the puffiness and swelling go down? I'm 55 years old, and not in that bad of shape. I scuba dive and am pretty active. I have been out in the sun during my lifetime, so have had some sun damage. I'm sorry, I don't have a picture.

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In our practice we have had only a hand full of patients complains of that problem, it is common. Our skin under around our eyes is very sensitive. Give it time it shouldn’t last long. You need to see the Doctor that performed that to help you decide what you can do to improve it.


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Swelling After a Vi Peel

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It is very common to have some swelling and puffiness after a Vi Peel.  This should resolve in a few days.  As we get older our skin under the eyes tends to be a bit loose so it is completely expected that this area will swell more than others.  Try placing some frozen peas over your eyes a few times daily and stay away from extremely salty foods.  This plus time should help.

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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