Why Does my Verticle Scar Widen and Pigment After Breast Lift?

I'm 25 and had my 1st of 3 surgeries when I was 18 and my last at 23 to correct a size B tuberous breast, and a normal size A breast. I now have implants with anchor cuts to both breasts. I'm now a size 36 DD with breasts that sag and have 1/2-1 inch wide pigmented verticle incisions. This has been a reoccuring problem (widdened scar/pigmetation) causing countless in-office procudres under local between sx. I'm looking to reduce to a C & get a lift, will this reoccur? Thanks :)

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Dark hyperpigmented scars following breast lift (mastopexy) for tuberous breasts

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I have a saying that scarring is 50% my skill and 50% the patient's response to healing. I believe that part of the reason is the tension of your large breasts on the incisions but also your tendendcy for scarring. If you ever decide to have your implants removed, it may be worth one more try at a revision but I am skeptical and do not otherwise advise replacement.

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Scar widen after breast revision

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I agree, how you heal is often out of your surgeon's control.  Given that you have had several procedures and each time you get the same scars as a result, this means that the scarring is not secondary to technique or handling of the skin.

Scars after a lift

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Even with revising the scar with a small lift in the office, if you have a propensity for the scars to widen, more than likely they will again.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Scars Wide and Pigmented?

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Unfortunately, sometimes despite plastic surgeons' best efforts,  breast scars can spread/widen and/or hyper pigment. Sometimes the hyper pigmented skin along the vertical incision is actually residual areola skin. Occasionally, downsizing of breast implants may be helpful in this regard ( although may lead to smaller breasts then the patient is looking for).

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