Does Femilift Work for Vaginal Tightening?

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This is a great question because many new procedures are being marketed as nonsurgical alternatives. Here's the lowdown:

Femilift, the Mona Lisa Touch, and the IntimaLaser procedures are nonsurgical laser procedures that treat the skin of the vaginal canal. They use the same technology of fractional laser skin peeling used for the face. These procedures are examples of laser vaginal tightening (LVT) - actually laser vaginal skin tightening.

When the vagina loosens after childbirth, it's the muscles that have loosened. The skin stretches too, but the distances between the levator muscles (Kegel muscles) and the muscles of perineum is commonly permanently widened. In addition, the attachments of pelvic floor muscles, the bladder, and the rectum can become damaged. Procedures generally known as vaginoplasty and pelvic floor reconstruction are designed to fix the damage, tighten the muscles, and tighten the skin to create a long lasting and effect solution. LVT, cures none of these things. It's designed to provide a mild superficial and temporary shrink to the vaginal skin only, not the muscles and not to damage to the pelvic floor. It's a trade-off. If you want something that works well and lasts a long time, consider vaginoplasty. If you want something nonsurgical with no downtime that's less expensive, that yields milder, temporary results, then LVT might be your thing. For my patients, the decision process is similar to choosing between Botox and a facelift. They both improve wrinkles, but one requires a much larger commitment of time, courage and dollars. I offer both options in my center and my patients appreciate the opportunity to explore all of their alternatives.

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Femi Lift and vaginal tightening?

Our patients here at North Valley Plastic Surgery have reported that they do appreciate vaginal tightening after the 2nd or 3rd treatment session. We have had 100% patient satisfaction to date among the 20-25 patients treated. We have also paired the Femi Lift with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections (O-Shot) that we administer after the 2nd Femi Lift treatment.

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Non-invasive Vaginal Tightening

FemiLift is a great non-invasive option for vaginal tightening. In addition to tightening, FemiLift treatment benefits include:

Non-surgical procedure
No pain
Vaginal tightening
Increased lubrication
Decreases incontinence
Can help restore sexual gratification
Restore a youthful vagina
Strengthens the ligaments around the bladder and urethra

I recommend consulting with a qualified provider for a full consultation.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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Femilift for vaginal tightening?

Hi and thank you for your question.  Yes Femilift  can improve vaginal tightness.  Femilift is a fractionated CO2 laser which treats the vaginal mucosa circumferentially to improve vaginal moisture, tightness, sensation and bladder control.  The laser makes tiny  "holes" in 20% of the mucosa, this causes increased collagen production and blood flow, thus improving the thickness and laxity of the vaginal canal.  Femilift requires 3 treatments spaced 1 month apart with yearly maintenance.  We have also paired the Femilift with PRP, the "O-Shot"  and have had great results with this as well.  You should consult with a trained physician to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate for treatment.   

Larissa O'Neill, MD
Georgetown Family Physician

Femilift for vaginal tightening

This can be a little tough to answer because vaginal tightening means different things to different folks. In general, my answer would be yes, but I would want to see the patient to confirm that they were going to be happy with the end result. I have treated many patients and have yet to have one that has not been happy with their results. The procedure works awesome! 

Samantha Durland, MD
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Does it work?

 The Femilift works, surprisingly well, for improving sexual sensitivity, urinary incontinence, improves vaginal dryness and has great results.

Marc Schneider, MD
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Vaginal tightening

  • Femlift and other CO2 based lasers work to tighten the vagina through tissue healing and stimulation of collagen. Just like Co2 lasers of the face , like many are familiar with, small "holes" are made in the lining it heals and through collagen production and increased blood flow, thorough the tissue  healing mechanism.  can tighten the vaginal wall.  I would suggest making sure that you will benefit from this non-surgical procedure and do not need a vaginoplasty to achieve the results you desire by seeing a doctor who is experienced in the treatment. There are currently other energy based devices such as Radiofrequency ( ThermiVa)  which I have  tremendous personal experience with , and erbium type lasers eg DIVA. See a doctor with experience in the procedure, who you can discuss your concerns and symptoms with so they can advice you on the best treatment for you. 

Cheri Ong, MD, FACS
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Femilift success

Hi and thank you for your question.  Tightening of the vagina or birth canal can be accomplished surgically or non-surgically with a laser such as Femilift.  You should be seen by a gynecology physician with specific training and experience in each of these manners of vaginal tightening to see what is best for your particular needs and desires. The Femilift procedure is a laser, non-incisional treatment. It treats the vaginal mucosa circumferentially by c02 laser and requires three treatments spread out a month apart. During the procedure it is rare to feel discomfort altogether and the down time is minimal if any afterwards.  As with any surgery, the results depends upon if this was the correct procedure for your needs/desires.  Typically this works very well for vaginal tightening of the vaginal cylinder.  However, for persons with significant width problems of the vaginal cylinder, prolapse, hernia such as rectocele and cystocele, they will require surgical intervention for adequate results. It is best that you speak with a physician who is trained in vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic reconstruction work to see what if your best option.

Scott Gulinson, MD
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FemiLift and Other Vaginal Tightening

#Femilift, and the #MonaLisaTouch are nonsurgical laser procedures that treat the mucosa ( internal pink skin) of the vaginal canal. #ThermiVa uses radiofrequency, RF, energy to do the asme. These procedures cause contraction of the vaginal lining as well as stimulate moisture. After the initial treatment  maintenance a few times a year is usually recommended. A vaginoplasty surgically makes the canal tighter on a more permanent basis.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Yes - FemiLift works for vaginal looseness

The FemiLift is a CO2 laser which works by creating intentional thermal and ablative injury to portions of the vaginal epithelium while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. This allows for quick healing and collagen regeneration. I treated the first patient in the U.S. in November of 2013. She experienced excellent improvement in her vaginal sensation. She returned last week (January 2016) for a touch up laser treatment and an O-Shot, a Laser Enhanced O-Shot. She's still pleased with her results, but wanted to maintain them and improve her orgasmic response as well.

Since 2013, I've treated 100s of women with complaints of vaginal looseness who also complained of stress urinary incontinence and/or vaginal dryness. The results have been amazing.  Women with orgasmic dysfunction often choose to add the O-Shot at the time of their Laser Vaginal Tightening treatments.
Not all women experience similar improvement because every women presents with different degrees of relaxation and symptoms. Some women require Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, LVR, or Vaginoplasty. The trick is patient selection, which is why consulting with a pelvic surgeon experienced in reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgery is critical so he/she could recommend the best option for each patient.

See link below to read the results from another patient in her own words.

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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