Can I get Veneers over teeth that got composite fillings?

i have class 3 cavities on both sides of my upper middle teeth, got them filled recently (fillings are mostly on the back of the tooth), i wanted to do veneers but my dentist recommends crowns I am 26 years old and think that i am still young to get my teeth crowned. Can i get veneers now and maybe crowns in the future IF it becomes necessary?

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Getting veneers over teeth after composite fillings

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Of course you can, this would only depend on your dentist's skill. You should also keep in mind that veneers and crowns are mostly the same, the only real difference between them is how much your grinding the back of your teeth get (how much tooth surface you remove) but they are very similar.
In the end is your smile and your masticatory functions that are in game here, so you should definitely talk this out with your dentist, talk to specialists if you don't feel sure of your decision, there are several options a young 26 year-old like you can choose from. 

Can I get Veneers over teeth that got composite fillings?

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Veneers work best on healthy solid teeth with no previous dental work. If you have a small filling/bonding that is only on the front, or back surface of your tooth veneer may still be an option, but when your fillings wrap around your teeth crowns are the best option. Crown will actually make your tooth stronger and allow you to eat without fear of veneers popping off, crowns will also reduce chances of cavities sneaking inbetween your fillings and veneers.  

Igor Kaplansky, DDS
Buffalo Dentist

Veneers and crowns

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Good question!
I commonly see patients considering smile makeovers that have some sort of bonding or composite on their front teeth. When preparing veneers I would remove this composite and build it into the porcelain restoration for strength. You don't want a veneer margin to rest on composite. All porcelain veneers and crowns and made of the same material. The only difference is that the crown wraps all the way around the entire tooth. Aesthetically they look the same. The two factors your dentist and ceramist will want to consider when deciding between the two are how much tooth structure is left and your function. It is not uncommon to have a combination of veneers and crowns on one case as every tooth may be different. Best of luck and follow us for more info!

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Decay is a respector of no persons

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You are a young adult, but tooth decay does not mean your teeth will last as long as you would like. When teeth are compromised, the restoration needs to be structurally sound. Placing a veneer over a restoration goes against treatment protocols, and is not in the best interest of your dental health. Instead, replacing the filling with a crown will give you the looks you want, and the health your tooth needs in the long run.

Michael Tam, BDS
Australia Dentist

Veneers Now and Crowns Later

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Hi Adam...I think you have answered your own question already. You are 26 years old and want veneers and later on, if needed, you will replace the veneers with the crowns. I think this choice is a good one.  A crown takes more of the tooth down and covers the whole tooth. Veneers only cover the front. You are more inclined to be happier with the veneers. Take care of your veneers and your oral health and they will last a long time! If this go South later, you can always have crowns placed. I would suggest, if your dentist does not want to do veneers, maybe you should get a second opinion. Also he may not be that convertible placing veneers.  Look at the cases he has done before and see if he is experienced enough to do your veneers.  Make sure you have a good, cosmetic dentist do this procedure!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Veneers vs crowns on teeth with cavities....

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Whether you should get veneers or crowns, all depends on the size and area of your cavities.  An examination of your actual teeth and your x-rays would be necessary to determine whether a veneer or crown is best for you.  In general, the look should be the same and both should last extremely long.  I offer 10 year warranties on crowns and veneers placed at my office, but I always tell patients that they should expect their crown or veneer to last double to triple this time, if they are getting regular cleanings and brushing daily.  Ultimately, it is your choice, but try to get a few more opinions by some highly qualified cosmetic dentists, if you are still uncertain.  
Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

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