Veinwave Healing?

Hello! A month ago, I had veinwave treatment for broken caps on my face. I was told this was a quick treatment with no side-effects, no scarring etc. Still four weeks later, the area is red and shows "track marks" where the treatment was done. (The micro-crusts are gone, but this is reness under the skin) You can also see two new veins which have come and weren't there before. What does this mean? Will it go away?

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VeinWave Treatment nose

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Before and after pictures would help but this is a stubborn area to treat because it is highly vascular and angiogenesis (creation of new vessels) is possible from laser treatment or other conditions like rosacea, etc. You typically would need several treatments to take care of all of these, not just one.

Post op veinwave

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Do you have a picture before treatment. Did you have rosacea? Did you have pretreatmen? Have you had laser treatment before? Please can you advise. My clinics have done thousands of treatments for spiders .generally redness settles in a few hours.

Brian Newman, MD
London General Surgeon

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