How Often Do Patients Request Valium Before Office Vein Surgery?

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One in 200 patients given oral Valium

One in 200 patients are given oral valium (5 mg) before ambulatory vein surgery, and

1) only if they are driven to and from the office by a family member or friend; and

2) if they are deemed to be very nervous at the time of initial consultation. Most patients do not need any type of anxiolytic or sedation in my practice.

These medications are mostly for the convenience of surgeons who need more time to do the procedure "without interruption" from talkative patients.

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Depends on how nervous the patient is

Patients have different tolerance levels and each needs to be treated individually according to their needs and desires and goals.

Some patients experience great anxiety in anticipation of procedures and needle sticks. These patients are offered valium or other medications in an effort to calm or put them at ease.

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