Where Does Fat Go when Weight Gain Occurs After Vaser Liposuction?

I'm considering having Vaser Liposuction done to my abdomen, flanks and arms. I wonder, where would the fat go if I gain weight? I am a size 34D and I'm worried that it will increase my breast size once I have the procedure.

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Fat redistribution after liposuction

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All liposuction works the same way, whether it is VASER, laser or niether. It removes fat cells from areas where fat accumulates more than others. Think of it this way: the fat cells in those areas that are resistant to change with diet and exercise are "programmed" differently than other fat cells, so they are a sort of emergency reserve. When you gain weight, you don't grow new fat cells, the one you have just expand according to their programming. So after liposuction, the body's "favorite" areas can't take up as much fat because cells (storage capacity) have been removed there. If the lipo was done well, meaning that all the disproportionate areas were treated, then fat accumulates in a more even distribution with weight gain.

Liposuction and weight gain

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Weight gain after vaser liposuction will probably be redistributed differently.  With weight gain, you will more likely put weight on areas that were not treated. In other words, problem areas that were liposuctioned will not add weight as frequently or as unevenly as before liposuction.

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