Is Neck Lift Necessary After Vaser Lipo Under the Chin?

My husband, 53, and in good health with little excess body fat, is considering having a small, fatty pouch under his chin done with Vaser Hi Def lipo.

The doctor said he'd use a smaller cannula than the one he'll use on my husband's abs/flanks. Wouldn't my husband need a Neck lift to help the lipoed area reattach smoothly? Should he "pass" on the neck lipo?

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Neck lift vs lipo under the chin

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A neck lift addresses fat above and below the platysma muscle. The vaser lipo will not be able to address submental fat. This is very common in men. Additionally, adjustments of the muscles by tightening the platysma are performed on a neck lift, which vaser lipo cannot do. A well-performed neck lift would be the better option than neck liposuction. If your husband has excess skin in his neck, then a full face/neck lift will have to be performed.

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Is Neck Lift Necessary After Vaser Lipo Under the Chin

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Vaser Liposuction is commonly used during facial improving procedures for areas such as face, chin and neck. It also commonly used with neck lifts. A neck lift is not "required" with or after lipo under the chin. There are some cases, a patient only receives solely liposuction with out a lift. It's best to begin by consulting with a surgeon in-person. The presence of banding down the front of the #neck, and, amount of excess skin and condition of your skin are among some factors which determine what treatments will best rejuvenate your neck . 

Neck lifts are designed to remove only deep grooves and #wrinkles, not fine ones. Smoothing out every tiny line in your face would leave you with an eerie, unnatural, and undesirable result. The goal should be to make your neck lift look as natural as possible, simply turning back the clock a few years. and #liposuction is often used during the neck lift if necessary.

During your initial examination, your chin will be evaluated along with the neck and jawline. A weak #chin implies a lack of chin support for the skin along the neck line. In younger individuals a chin implant alone is usually all that is needed to improve the appearance of the neck. Subsequently, it will also improve the overall #balance of the face and can create the illusion of a smaller nose. As a stand-alone procedure, chin augmentation can be performed in the office under local #anesthesia. For individuals with signs of #aging in the neck, a chin implant added to one of the recommended procedures above, will provide optimal results. Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in #neck lift procedures is important to ensure you are receiving the best advice, care, and surgical experience possible.

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Neck Lift vs Liposuction (or both)

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Neck Lift vs Lipo - How to Decide
Lipo vs Neck Lift or both? It all depends on your exam - Your plastic surgeon will evaluate you for three main features:

1.Amount of excess fat (needs lipo or direct removal).
2.Presence of Significant Platysmal Banding (requires playsmaplasy or Botox)
3.Amount of excess Skin and condition of your skin. For example younger age, darker skin colors and no large weight loss history means there will be better elasticity and therefore better post surgical contraction. In milder cases if not too much fat is present there will be enough skin shrinkage with just lipo alone. However for moderate and severe skin redundancy a neck lift or lower facelift is needed with or without lipo for best results. Mild to minimal skin tightening using non surgical means like the Sciton Laser SkinTyte procedure, Ultherapy or Thermage could also be considered.

VASER Chin or Necklift

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Without seeing photographs it is difficult to make a determination which procedure is best. VASER liposuction of the neck/jowls will remove all of the fat in the area and there will be significant contraction of the skin afterwards. If there is a significant amount of loose skin in the neck region (i.e. turkey neck), then you will be more of a candidate for a neck lift. Now, Men in general do not want a facelift because of the stigmata. You can achieve excellent contraction of the skin with VASER lipo alone and most men will be happy with that for several years before undergoing a surgical procedure. Also, if there is a moderate amount of loose skin you can sometimes use the iguide suture to enhance the neck area without a neckliftt or facelift, but it depends on the amount of jowling. Just remember that the jowls are actually a part of the face and are best addressed with a facelift and only minimally addressed with a necklift.

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Neck lift vs neck lipo

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 At age 53, it is quite possibel that the skin has lost enough elasticity that lipo alone won't give you the result you want.  That is where a cheek and neck lift comes into play to remove the fat, tighten the muscles, and remove the extra skin.  

Neck Lift vs. Liposuctio

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The results following liposuction in the neck region will depend upon the skin quality and quantity as well as the location of the fat. Many men in their fifties have a combination of excess skin, loosening tissues and excess fat.

Vaser liposuction, (and other types of liposuction), can removes some excess fat under the skin. Middle aged individuals will often have another layer of fat under the platysma muscles in the neck. Liposuction in the neck will not remove this deeper fat.

If your husband has very little excess skin and good skin elasticity, he may benefit from liposuction alone. However, if he has excess skin, this can become looser with the liposuction. In this case he may need a neck lift or a face lift, The lifting procedures support the loose underlying tissues, tighten the skin and remove excess fat.

Make sure your husband consults with a plastic surgeon experienced in both liposuction and neck lift surgery so he can provide the best recommendation for your husband's particular case.

James H. Schmidt, MD (retired)
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

Usually at his age you need a facelift to get rid of the extra skin.

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 The problem with only doing any type of liposuction under the chin in patients in their 50's or more is the skin bunches up or sags and looks worse than before. Get a second opinion from an experienced facelift specialist--you get what you pay for!

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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