Vaser HD Lipo Sculpture for Permanent Result?

I am an athlete but have some weight issue. I tend to put on weigh even though during my training phase. My weight has been going up and down. Does Vaser Hi Def Liposculpture remove the fats cells permanently?

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Yes VASER liposuction removes fat permanently

VASER, like all other forms of liposuction, removes fat permanently. You are still however, left with the fat that was left behind. All of us need a healthy amount of fat under our skin to give it elasticity, bounce, and even contour. It is the left over fat that makes the difference. In plastic surgery and liposuction, there is a saying that is very true: "it's not the fat you take out, it's what you leave behind!"

As your body changes and you continue to gain fat, you can still gain fat in the SAME areas that had liposuction. Even though the procedure permanently removed some fat cells, the remaining fat cells can still grow bigger. That is why it is important to take care of your weight after the procedure with diet and exercise. I hope this helps and good luck.

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Vaser HD Lipo Sculpture

Hi Chan,

ALL liposuction removes the fat that is suctioned permanently. The issue is how will the REMAINING fat cells behave when presented with a positive caloric balance.

If you recall the Beijing Olympics, it was widely reported that swimmer M. Phelps was consuming double the average American caloric intake (4,000 calories a day). And yet, his physical activities effectively consumed all he has consumed without anything left over to be stored as fat.

A good liposuction surgeon can make ANY liposuction tool work well in his hands and get good results just as a world class tennis player could easily beat you and I playing with a frying skillet.

The advantage of the VASER is its airbrush-like ability to liquify fat diffusely around the tip with much less trauma to the tissue. This allows the more artistic etching which is nothing more than the unveiling of the muscles which are already there.

Hope this helped.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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