Can I Undergo Vaser Liposuction for Belly Area if I have PCOS?

Hi i am 20 years old.I have been treated for pcos from 6 years.I was 97 kg and i was put on metformin and deviry for regular periods.Now i am 75 kgs.I have reduced my overall weight except for my belly.I have been treated by an endocrinologist.Can i undergo Vaser Liposuction for my belly area?Are there any side effects or risks?please help me.

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PCOS and Vaser Liposuction

There are no contraindications to Vaser Liposuction when one has PCOS. As with all surgeries, Vaser liposuction has its risks of complications. Some potential complications include contour irregularities, seroma, scar, and infection. 

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PCOS is not a contraindication for Liposuction

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Polycystic ovary syndrome is associated with an impaired metabolism and excessive weight gain.  From your posting, you seem to be on the way to a correction of your metabolic rate.  As you probably already know, Vaser liposuction is not a weight reduction procedure, rather a body shaping one.  If this is what you are looking for, then there is no contraindication for those receiving treatment for PCOS (providing they are not obese).

The risks associated with Vaser are all the usual ones for cosmetic surgery.  That's to say post-operative swelling, bruising, and numbness.  These all typical subside within 2 weeks to 4 months.  Other risks include infection, seroma formation, uneven contours, and scarring.  To get a better sense of your personal risk factors, you should consult with a surgeon specializing in Vaser lipo.


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