Possible to Do Pole Dance After 2.5 Weeks of Vaser Lipo?

I will be doing vaser lipo on my waist, lower and upper abs soon. Will it be possible for me to attend my pole class after 17 days? As i can't do more than 2 make-up classes. It requires skin contact on my left waist to support my inverts. Will it cause my skin to tear and will it be more painful doing pole tricks?

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Vaser lipo and pole dancing

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Of course, the best person to ask is your doctor and he should be the one telling you exaclty what you can /cannot do. I usualy let patients who have had liposuction go back to acitivities within one or two weeks.

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As sooner excersise as sooner recovery

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yes  sureley you may follow up  your polo classes with your elastic  garment suit,after 2 weeks   vasser surgery

Ramon Navarro, MD
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Exercise after Liposuction

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Most patients can return to their normal activities within one to two weeks after surgery.  It really depends on the person, the procedures they had done and the extent of the liposuction performed.  


Good Luck.

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