How Much Vaser Lipo Could I Get for $2000-3000?

I don't mean to mock the profession or sound cheap.I just don't have much money to spend.I want to have the area around my knees, inner thighs, arms, and above my belly button worked on.If I had to choose(and I probably will)I would rather have my legs worked on than my arms or stomach, but I don't want to look proportionally top-heavy, so I'd probably have to start at the top--the arms.However, I realize that cheap isn't synonymous with good. But if $2000 is all I can spend, what can I expect?

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VASER lipo costs

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Hi Zoe, cheap might not be synonymous with good, however "good' need not be extravagantly expensive either.

Procedure costs are dictated by several factors such as the type of procedure, extent of procedure / number of areas, OT time, OT facilities / hospital, external devices used (SAL,PAL,VAL etc), anaesthesia required,"experience" of the doctor, locality, country etc.

Typically at our clinic (in Mumbai), the procedure cost for a VASER procedure involving one area (abdomen or thighs or arms) would be 2000 US$. Subsequent areas are charged extra.

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