How Long Am I Suppose to Release Fluids After Lower Stomach Vaser Lipo?

I had it done yesterday morning I did massages only once since I was in so much pain,today I took the compression garment off to massage it and I had no fluids coming out but my belly is so hard and I feel so much pain even when I walk

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Fluid and hard areas are common after vaser

Usually the 'leakage' ends after about 24 hours.  The hardness is the fat remaining in the area which is inflammed.  Some of the fat cells will die and be absorbed by your body,  the rest of the fat cellls heal and become soft again.  Massage should be begun while the fat is still hard and "moldable" but not before the pain has mostly resolved.  That is usually within 2 weeks.  Try to avoid binding in certain areas after vaser, the hard fat can actually be molded into a permanent indentation, so keep your garment and clothes smooth and nonbinding so as to get the most level fat layer.  Good luck and enjoy your results, remember to drink lots of water and eat lean protein and vegetables so your body has the nutrients it needs to heal well.

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Post Vaser Lipo Fluids

Thank you for your question. The drainage usually stops at 24-36 hours, depending on how large an area was done. The fluid is reabsorbed, and drains out. This the normal process, and is to be expected. Evaluate the results at 6 weeks, and again at 6 months. I hope this helps.

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VASER lipo of abdomen

Hello! The fluid drainage following VASER lipo can continue for over 24-72 hours following the procedure. As protocol we keep suction assisted drains post VASER to drain the fluid so that the patient remains "dry" and does not feel "leaky" or "wet" in the post op period. The drains are removed after 48-72 hours.

We recommend manual lymphatic drainage which does wonders to alleviate the stiffness / hardness post lipo. However, the MLD is advised only after a week to 10 days following the procedure.

VASER Lipo Leaking Fluid

Most patients will drain excess fluid for 24-48 hours after VASER Liposuction. There is a lot of saline infiltrated in your abdomen to allow the VASER to melt the fat.  Some of this fluid comes out after the procedure and is mixed with lymphatic fluid and inflammatory fluid after doing the procedure.  The drainage will stop in 2 days and then some of the remaining fluid will congeal like jello and fell lumpy.  This is completely normal and will resolve after several weeks.  Some patients have pain and hard areas with the lumps.  Manual massage or lymphatic massage helps your body to absorb the fluid back into the lymphatic vessels so that you can get rid of the fluid from your body. 

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Leaking fluid after Vaser

Thank you for your question.

As Vaser utilises ultrasound wave to break up fat significant amount of normal saline with added local anesthetic is used to facilitate better conduction of ultrasound wave.

Most of the fluid used comes out during the operation but some is left and leaks out from the incisions afterwards. It is normally also mixed with inflammatory fluid produced by body in response to the surgery. Some surgeons leave drains to expedite fluid evacuation. On average significant leakage stops after 24-72hrs, residual seeping of mostly of inflammatory fluid can last up to 1-2 weeks, but occasionally longer.

Sometimes wounds close too quickly and fluid has no way to escape and this combined with inflammatory reaction of the body to surgery can cause significant hardening and swelling of tissues. Manual lymphatic drainage massage and machine derived treatments and appropriate compression help patients to absorb fluid and secrete it via lymphatic channels. Follow up appointments and aftercare therefore are as important as the surgery itself for the best results.

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Vaser of abdomen

It is fairly common with the high energy systems like Vaser to cause fluid drainage. This may last a few days.  As for the firmness, this often improves over the first few weeks to months.

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Having pain after Vaser is very normal specially a day after. You will be uncomfortable for a few weeks. The fluid you are getting is very normal it should last up to 3 days. You should not be messaging the area it’s too soon to be doing that. You need to get Post op instructions from your PS you don’t want to do anything that can harm your results.


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