If I am getting surgery done on my shoulder, is it possible to get breast augmentation about a week after my shoulder surgery?

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Breast augmentation one week after shoulder surgery

To answer your question, yes it is possible, but in my opinion it's not advisable. Breast augmentation is an elective cosmetic procedure and every effort should be made to optimize your physical health prior to surgery.   For starters, you will be electively subjecting yourself to general anesthesia twice in one week, which is not ideal.  You also need to consider the positioning that's required for your breast augmentation. Depending on your surgeon's technique and where the implant will be inserted, you may need to have your arm extended out and strapped to an arm board for the duration of the procedure. This might exacerbate your shoulder pain or put stress on your shoulder incision.  This positioning might be contraindicated by your orthopedic surgeon. You might also have a shoulder wound that is not completely healed very close to or even within the surgical field.  These factors could possibly increase the risk of contamination.    Lastly, you'll have two areas that need to heal. You'll probably have more postoperative pain and decreased mobility of the shoulder. Discuss it with your orthopedic and plastic surgeons. Best wishes to you!

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Staging or Combining Shoulder surgery with Breast Augmentation

Although a lot is "possible" it may not be practical or advisable. 
I think you should ask your shoulder surgeon what he would recommend. If he feels it could be done then you can see if the two procedures could be done together in the same facility. It may not be possible in which case you may want to wait and do it at separate times. 
Dr. Peter A. Aldea
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If I am getting surgery done on my shoulder, is it possible to get breast augmentation about a week after my shoulder surgery?

The answer to that- is best determined by your shoulder Surgeon. There is a post-operative protocol for shoulder surgery that must be followed to maximize the result. Hope this helps

Shoulder surgery/ Breast surgery

That is highly dependent on exactly what shoulder surgery is being performed. There are a number of considerations both for the surgery day itself but also for the early recovery phase. This should be discussed with both surgeons.

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As many things in life, it really depends on what shoulder surgery you are getting and how comfortable your surgeon will be to perform the breast augmentation.  The limited arm movement may make the surgeon uncomfortable.I have performed breast augmentation after shoulder surgery several times with great success.I would discuss this with your surgeon.Best Wishes,Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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