I went from a 32A put in 400cc moderate plus implants. I am now a 32ddd , how is that possible ? (photos)

115 lbs 5'4 400cc mod plus before BA I was flat I went from a 32a put in 400cc moderate plus implants I am now a 32ddd how is that possible I've met other people my same size weight and implant cc and they are a d how did I go from nothing to a Ddd with 400cc ?

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Cup size

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is determined by what band you use and how large your mounds are in relation to your chest.  If you're sizing with Victoria's Secret, they have a known tendency to make you a little larger than you would be with other brands.  If you're patient, get sized at Nordstroms or some other reputable store and see what options they may have for  you.  I'm confident they could find a D cup that would fit you.  But as others have mentioned, if you like your look, then don't worry about cup size.  My patients know I cannot guarantee a cup size but only a look.

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I went from a 32A put in 400cc moderate plus implants. I am now a 32ddd , how is that possible?

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It's a great question. Bra sizing is not standard across manufacturers. Your cup size is based on the difference between the circumference of your under bust and the circumference at the most projecting part of your breast.When choosing the size of your breast implants, it's more important to get the look that you want. If you're happy with your look, then the bra cup size is basically irrelevant.Congratulations on your recent surgery.

Bra Size Question After Breast Augmentation

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Bra sizes are very variable by manufacturer and a lot of women are not wearing the proper sized bra.  It is also important to realize that cup sizes actually are not determined by absolute breast size, but rather, relies on a proportion of your chest circumference to your actual breast size.  If you have a very small torso and your breast volume was 400 cc, you could very well be considered a very large cup size.  However, if your torso is very large and your breast volume was 400 cc, you may only be a c-cup.  The letter cup size is less important than whether you are happy with the appearance of your breasts.  

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Breast size after breast augmentation

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Congratulations on your procedure and thanks for sharing your question. I can appreciate your concern.
Lets start by saying that you got a beautiful result. If you like the shape and look of your breast, then the sizing of a bra company employee should not be important. different companies have different sizes. sometimes the original size trends to be wrong, making the new one more noticeable. Cup sizes are gymmics of corporations. Enjoy your results. Wishing you the best in your journey

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