Will getting pregnant ruin a breast reduction/lift?

I'm getting a breast reduction in a couple of months and am worried that all the work put into this will go to waste if I possibly get pregnant. I have questions like will it make them sag, or make them bigger.

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Will getting pregnant ruin a breast reduction/lift?

Nobody can answer this question. Pregnancy causes many changes in the breasts and in a perfect world, all cosmetic breast surgery would be done after a women is done with childbearing.  That being said, I do a lot of breast on young women who have not yet had children.  I tell them that pregnancy and breast feeding can definitely "ruin" their result but I can likely fix it!

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Will getting pregnant ruin a breast reduction/lift?

Thank you for your question. It can be hard to predict what kind of changes pregnancy will have on surgical results because people are so different. Some women gain significant amounts of weight and have large changes to breast size and dynamics. Some of those women have good skin quality that rebounds well so that those changes are minimal. Other women have significant permanent changes from pregnancy. I think that a safe assumption is that there will likely be some changes to the overall result which may require revision after pregnancy to regain your original results.

Hope this helps!

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Will getting pregnant ruin a breast reduction/lift?

Congratulations on your decision to proceed with breast reduction surgery; this operation tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

It is not possible to predict exactly how a specific patient's breast will change after pregnancy,  regardless of whether the patient has had previous breast surgery or not.  Some typical changes seen  after pregnancy include a decrease in size, “sagging" and/or the development of some asymmetry.  On the other hand, some women  experience very little change even after several pregnancies.

 Ultimately, you will need to consider the pros/cons associated with proceeding with breast reduction surgery before or after pregnancy.  You will find that there are good "arguments" for each approach.

Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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Will getting pregnant ruin a breast reduction?

The milk that comes in during pregnancy might cause some stretching of the skin and loss of skin elasticity. After the milk disappears, it is possible for the breasts to either remain the same size, get bigger, smaller, and/or droopier. There is no way of predicting what will happen, and what happens can change from pregnancy to pregnancy.  For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths."

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