Can large breasts cause upper abdominal pain?

I'm 5' 0" with a 36F. I've been having upper abdominal pain, which, after several tests, remains undiagnosed & somewhat of a mystery to my doctors. I was wondering if my large breast size, especially given my small frame, could be causing or at least contributing to this pain?

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Can large breasts cause upper abdominal pain?

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I have never heard of nor seen an association between large breasts and abdominal pain.  I would seek to rule out all other abdominal pathology (gallstones.......) before seeking a breast reduction for these symptoms.  Best wishes,

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Can large breasts cause upper abdominal pain?

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I am sorry to hear about the abdominal wall pain you are experiencing.  Breast hypertrophy is usually not (typically) associated with abdominal wall paint but I can imagine cases where the patient is utilizing abdominal wall muscles to help compensate for the strain the disproportionately large breasts cause.

 Having said that, I am glad that you are undergoing a workup of the upper abdominal wall pain and not assuming it is related to the breast hypertrophy.  Hopefully, once the cause of the abdominal pain has been diagnosed and treated, you will be able to consider breast reduction surgery which (based on your limited information)  may be very helpful to you.

   Best wishes.

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