Can I smile normal after cheek implant removal? (photos)

Dear doctors I am 32 years old, I have cheek implants 5 moths ago. After surgery I have following main problems I can’t smile and laugh normally; Implants are too big on my face My questions: 1.If remove cheek implants, will nerves and muscles recover like before? 2.If remove cheek implants, Can I get my normal smile back (no chipmunk any more)? 3. Because the muscles have separated from cheek bone already, if remove the implants will muscle reattach in the cheek bone like before? thanks

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Cheek implant removal

 Cheek implant removal should return your smile to its pre-operative state, as long as the facial nerve branches were not injured time of the original surgery.   Taking them out is usually performed under a brief general anesthetic or IV sedation.

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Can I smile normal after cheek implant removal?

If so unhappy do removal. Allow 3 months healing than inject Juvederm Voluma 2 cc each cheek..// ///

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Cheek implant removal

I think the decision is more straightforward than you might have thought. The key question is do you keep the implants or do you take them out? You definitely do not like how they look and what they are doing to your smile, so get them removed. Even if things do not return entirely to how they were before, they are even less likely to return to normal the longer you leave them in. Having said that, most of your muscles will NOT have been separated from your cheek bones to get the implants in. Therefore, I would expect them to resume normal function after the implants are gone.

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