Malar Cheek Implants

I am considering getting cheek implants. My cheekbones are high but seem to be set back farther vertically, and are also flat. Would malar implants bring my cheekbones forward at all in a profile view?, or just make them wider and not forward any?

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Malar Cheek Implants

You are absolutely correct!  You do not want an implant that will give you a wider face.  Women are more beautiful and feminine with a soft, round fullness to the center and front of your cheek area.  You need to see someone with a lot of experience with cheek implants, discuss your concerns and be sure your doctor agrees with you.  

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Malar implants for cheek augmentation

Cheek implants are manufactured in a variety of sizes( small, medium, large, extra large) and a variety of shapes such as malar and sub-malar. When placing the implants through the intra-oral approach, they can be adjusted accordingly to be placed over the area that is the most flat. For more information, diagrams of the implants, and our cheek implant  photo gallery, please see the link below

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The aesthetics of cheek enlargement.

It is most important when planning changes to the cheek bone support to first be clear about the precise objective. Cheeks project to the side (seen from the front), as well as forward under the eyes (seen from the side), and the most defining characteristics of the cheeks are the shape in the oblique direction (seen in the three quarter view) and the height. Attractive female cheeks are high and oval, while males look better with more angular cheeks.
People with flat cheeks lack a healthy, robust appearance. In addition, flat cheeks are not a good foundation to support the soft tissues of the mid cheek, which, as a result tend to sag prematurely. Eyelid bags appear prematurely in flat cheek people, as seen in young Asian faces.
The quality of result obtained with cheek augmentation is in direct proportion to the experience of the surgeon with this operation and his ‘aesthetic eye’. While computer simulation preoperative planning can be used, in practice it is much more useful for the patient and surgeon to do a ‘fluid test’. This is effectively a dress rehearsal done in the office with you sitting down holding a mirror, while the surgeon gently injects dilute local anaethetic fluid into the correct places and with the correct amounts to simulate the effect of the implant, all along with your guidance and approval.
The fluid lasts only a few hours, and as it isn’t permanent you can try out a larger size. If you don’t like the look you are not stuck with it. During this trial process the surgeon notes the volumes used in different parts of the cheek and the shape required for the surgery.
There are several types of implant material premade in the factory, of different shapes. Personally, I prefer individual implants that are made of coral granules as there is no reaction or infection risk with this material. The shape and size of the implant is made by the surgeon according to the fluid test plan. The coral, chosen because it is structurally identical to facial bone. It becomes fixed in place with fibrous tissue initially and progressively the cheek bone grows into the implant so that the coral implant becomes part of the person and avoids the long term potential for problems that may be seen with silicone implants.
Depending on your age, a cheek lift may be required at the same time if the cheek has already dropped. Cheek implants themselves do not lift the cheek and it does not look attractive having a sagging cheek hanging off a prominent cheekbone.

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Cheek Implant Options

Cheek implants can be effective with your cheekbone anatomy but you have to get the right kind of implants to create the effect you want. You most likely would benefit from a submalar shell or combined malar/submalar shell implant to get some anterior or forward projection to your cheeks.  

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Appropriate cheek implant choice

Implants come in many different shapes and sizes to augment various areas.  These questions can be answered in person during a consultation with an experienced surgeon.  In my experience most implants will add some width as well as frontal ptominence.  

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Malar Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are designed in many different sizes and shapes. I also frequently contour the implants to meet the needs of each individual patient. I can be more specific if I see pictures of your face.

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