Can I Get Vaginal Prominancy Corrected After Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck nearly 4 months ago and i realised soon after my tummy tuck that my vaginal area is still very prominant and lacking in elasticity and it hangs there low and flabby.I thought this would have been corrected during my tummy tuck procedure however it hasn't. I hate it as it sticks out more than my stomach does now, i am only 19 and so when i come to wear a nice dress i can't as my vaginal bulge sticks out and i look like i have male genitals. please help me! :'( what can i do? :(

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Lower bulge after tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question. While it is impossible to make a definitive diagnosis and give  specific advice, I can give you some general thoughts. After a tummy tuck, some women do notice prominence of the area which you are referring to, called the mons. Once the overhanging or extra tissue of the abdomen is removed, the mons can become more noticed.

The mons is not typically included in a standard tummy tuck. There are a variety of procedures to reduce the mons. These include both liposuction and excisional mons reductions. The goal of these procedures is to reduce the size and projection of the mons, with the trade off being scars in some cases. More commonly in my practice, the mons can be improved with some liposuction which can give a nice improvement with little recovery.

I would suggest discussing this with your plastic surgeon. He/she can discuss the options for you so that you can better enjoy your flat belly.

Best of luck.

Jeff Rockmore

Prominent Mons Pubis After A Tummy Tuck - Can It Be Corrected?

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The area you refer to as a vaginal prominence is anatomically referred to as the Mons Pubis.  Here, a picture would help, but I will make some assumptions from your comments.  I am going to assume that the tummy tuck sufficiently pulled up the mons pubis so that it is actually not hanging free, but it is still sticking out too far.  This can be easily corrected with liposuction which will, to some extent, tighten that area and get rid of the prominence very quickly. 

Most tummy tucks pull the average mons pubis up sufficiently to get rid of their prominence.  However, if the TT incision is made too high above the mons pubis, the prominence can remain.  I attempt to remove at least 1" of the top of the mons pubis in most of my tummy tucks.  This assists in stretching out that area which helps to decrease its projection.  At times, the mons pubis is infiltrated with so much fat that liposuction is required at a second stage. 

I recommend you see your plastic surgeon and tell him or her about your concerns.  Your problem is not unusual and a fix should be quite easy.

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