Is it possible to use the VeinGogh treatment on the sclera of the eye to remove permanently dilated blood vessels? (Photo)

I read that this Ohmic Thermolysis System method applies heat to the coagulate the blood hence collapsing the vein without damaging other surrounding tissue. Could this be used to remove prominent large blood vessels on the sclera?

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Spider veins on sclera - the realm of ophthalmology ONLY

Do not let anyone but an ophthalmologist to diagnose or treat eye problems. This is a different issue than spider veins altogether. You don't want to lose your eyesight. 

Buffalo Phlebologist
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Scleral veins

If you have noticed the veins on your eye getting larger, you should seek a consultation with an ophthalmologist. There are not any recommended treatments for these types of veins and I would recommend you not do anything prior to being evaluated by an ophthalmologist. 

Tif Siragusa, MD
Nashville Vascular Surgeon
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