Best Laser for Improvement of Skin Quality on Neck?

I would like type and brand recs please. Co2, fraxel, ablative fractional... Mixto vs total fx...too many choices. Help?

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Best Laser for Improvement on the Neck

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While many devices are tailored for skin tightening in the neck, the greater challenge remains how to improve the tone and texture of neck skin. Technologies that tighten the neck skin sometimes do not address issues like sun damage, discoloration, and even wrinkling and  that can extend down to the chest area.


To this end, I  still believe laser resurfacing has a space in treating a wide variety of issues in the skin of the nexk and uppe chest. My protocol includes various RF devices for tightening (Thermage, Ulthera, or Viora), but on the surface I still like fractional ablative Co2 laser resurfacing. Any device can be used as long as it can be compatible for these settings. My device of choice remains the Lutronic Eco2 laser.


The treatment protocol I use focuses on a spot size of about 300 microns, with about 7.5 percent coverage repeated three times. In the submental area (under the chin), one can drop down to 120-150 micron spot size with about 10 percent coverage, but outside this area it is important to increase spot size. As for depth, in the submentum I have found it safe to treat down to 1000-1200 microns, but outside this area I like to stay in the 300-500 micron depth range.  Hope this helps and good luck!! 

Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

Do not have CO2 laser resurfacing on the neck

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There have been case reports of significant scarring when  fractional CO2 laser resurfacing has been done on the neck. Use of fractional CO2 on the neck if it is to be done must be very carefully done by an expert in the use of CO2 fractional laser resurfacing.

The skin of the neck does not have adequate skin appendages to re-epithelialize the neck properly.  Remember after laser resurfacing new skin cells have to grow from hair follicles and Sweat glands and the number of them on the neck is much lower than on the face.

In my personal opinion laser resurfacing on the neck cast be done very cautiously and judiciously and if ablation is required I would only use a fractional erbium ablative laser on the neck. For more information on resurfacing please read the following link:

Best Laser for Improvement of Skin Quality on Neck and Face

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There are 2 new lasers that are best for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening for beautiful dazzling skin and looking 5-10 years younger !

1. PicoSure FOCUS Lens Array for beautiful dazzling skin, is the latest and the first and only picosecond (Trillionth sec) laser that uses the powerful photomechanical effect pressure wave and the LensArray focus the Pico Pulse to precise depth so that only 10% of the skin is treated at high fluence in a low fluence background for treatment of the skin resulting in greater safety and results with minimal downtime. The skin is red for a couple of hours after treatment and the next day you may look like you have been out in the sun.The skin is rejuvenated and the results on our patients has been remarkable and described by our patients as beautiful and dazzling. The treatment requires a series of 3 treatment 2-4 weeks apart.

2.LazerLift : PrecisionTX treatment to look 5 to 10 years younger is a Nd:YAG 1440 nm wave length laser which is highly absorbed by water and lipids with a ThermaGuide which will shut off the laser if the temperature is above 47 degrees which makes it very safe. The LazerLift laser away the fat at the jowls, chin, jaw and neck, tightened the skin and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment is done under local anesthesia with or without light sedation as desired by the patient. It does not need any incision and takes about one hour. You can see results right after the LazerLift as the fat has been laser away and the skin tighten. There is improvement of the chin and jawline as well as the smile and marionette lines. There is minimal downtime, patients are seen the first day after surgery when the dressings are removed and they can return to work in 2-3 days. This is better then the surgical facelift as it also lasers away the fat, tightens the skin and rejuvenates the skin so you look naturally younger. The results on our patients has been described as amazing as they look 5 to 10 years younger and it only takes 1 hour and 1 treatment. Imagine : Look 5 to 10 years younger with beautiful dazzling skin in 1 hour with 1 treatment : That is amazing!

Please note that the PicoSure FOCUS treat the skin from above while the PrecisionTx treat the skin from below. Therefore the combination of both treatment will give the best results for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. The PicoSure FOCUS is done after the PrecisionTx so there is minimal pain.

Choon Kia Yeo, MD
Honolulu General Surgeon
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Laser treatment for the neck

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The best treatment for texture, pores and fine lines is the microablative fractionated CO2 laser like SmartSkin. This laser is very effective for wrinkles, acne scars, and improving skin texture.  It is very effective on the neck as well.    This laser treatment is very precise and predictable.  You will have two days of swelling, two days of peeling and two days of redness.  To maintain your result I would consider using SkinMedica TNS essential serum with growth factors.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Lasers Most Effective and Safe for Improving Skin Quality on the Neck

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Because of the different healing qualities of the skin on the neck and chest - greater caution and less aggressive treatments must be considered than would ordinarily be applied to the face itself.

For the most significant improvement in the quality of your neck skin, a fractionated type of resurfacing could be considered. Second, you might consider a micro laser peel. Third, a very effective non-ablative treatment to consider to improve both the quality and contour of your neck skin is a broadband light (BBL) skin tightening treatment.

The laser that I prefer is the Sction Joule™ laser system which encompasses a number of different ablative and non-ablative modalities. Specifically, the 3 treatment considerations I noted above are, in my experience, best achieved with:

ProFractional™ laser treatment (ablative channeling)

Contour TRL™ micro laser peel treatment (erbium: YAG laser)

SkinTyte laser treatment (non-ablative)


Often, all 3 of these laser modalities are used in combination, as needed, to address your unique skin issues

Michael R. Macdonald, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 18 reviews

Lasers for Neck Skin

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In my experience, repeated treatments with the NDYag laser smooths and tightens the slightly loosened neck. The same is true of many other lasers.

Don't try to figure out 'the best.' Consult a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or laser specialist physician to advise you.

  • Lasers to tighten the neck nut do not correct the sun damage that loosened it. 
  • So when the neck skin is discolored, lined and 'crepey', I prefer TCA peels, with 2 weeks of pre-treatment with tretinoin (Retin A) and hydroquinone.
  • Two to three peels spaced 6 weeks apart in my hands give better, safer, permanent and often dramatic improvement in the appearance of the neck.
  • At a certain point of loosening, only face and neck lift surgery will help. 



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You do no really say what about your neck bothers you. Ablative resurfacing is risky on the neck since you could develop scarring if the practicioner is not very careful with the energy level from the laser. Non-ablative would be safer. If your have redness of your neck that bothers you the a pulsed dye laser could be used. There is a good and safe one called the Perfecta made by Candela laser corporation. Several treatment sessions are necessary and this should not be done if you are tan.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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