Can crying affect filler?

I had Volift on Monday, on Wednesday I got into a heated family row - screaming and crying and then sobbing for days. I feel like my face looks dreadful and I'm wondering if the filler has been cancelled out due to all the crying (as fillers absorb water and all the water was being expunged) I spent a lot of money so I'm very upset that it's probably been squandered? It was in cheeks and near tear trough. Thanks in advance! Ps I'm slowly feeling better now :)

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Will crying affect my filler?

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Hi Petewill and thanks for sharing your concerns. First all, I'm sorry you're going through all this family drama and I certainly hope things turn around for you soon! I have not heard of crying affecting a filler before, but certainly it is not completely impossible that this could happen. Crying and stress could cause you to be a bit more swollen that normal in other parts of the face. I suggest you return to your injector and review before and after photos of the areas injected. This is where you can see the maximal changes as we often times tend to forget what we look like after treatments. Best wishes always,Dr. ALDO

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