I Am 4 Months Post Op & Still Getting Drained and Now Im Pregnant?

Just need some advice really! I am now 4 months post full tt and lipo to flanks ! I still go and get drained every week and now im pregnant! Just woundering what my options are and if there is a risk to the baby if i continue to get tummy drained! Also after the seroma stopped my surgoeon said he wants to take me back under to neaten things up .. should i wait until after the pregnancy! Please help so confused!

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I Am 4 Months Post Op & Still Getting Drained and Now Im Pregnant

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Congratulations on the pregnancy. The seroma is basically a nuisance.  It can be drained periodically or a catheter can be placed so it is essentially drained constantly.  Given that it has persisted for this many months I would opt for the catheter.  Your body have already formed a scar capsule around this area which will have to be addressed after the pregnancy and post pregnancy recovery with a secondary surgical procedure.

Thank you and best of luck.

Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Hello and Congratulations on your pregnancy. In regards to the seroma, I agree that placing a catheter may be better than having to go in weekly. A catheter can be placed via ultrasound and left in place until the seroma resolves. Make sure you clear any treatments or medications used to treat the seroma with your OB.

In regards to the follow up procedure, wait until after your delivery and at least a 6 months period. You want to maximize your results from the second surgery and doing anthying now prior to your delivery will be null and void when your abdomen stretches with the baby. Give yourself time to lose the post pregancy weight and then go in to have your abdominal plication and abdominal tightening. 


Best of Luck.

Arturo H. Armenta, MD
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I Am 4 Months Post Op & Still Getting Drained and Now Im Pregnant?

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Placing a drain makes sense to me. There are some that can be inserted much like an IV (seromacath is one brand), and that may allow for faster resolution than weekly aspiration. 

Touch up surgery should wait until after delivery and recovery from the pregnancy (at least 3 months). I doubt that either your surgeon or any anesthesiologist would consider the procedure while you are pregnant. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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