Pregnancy After One Week Tummy Tuck?

I can't believe what just happen to me. I am one week post op from my tummy tuck. Today I realized that my period was has been 6 days late. Recovering from the tummy tuck completely made me forget about my period coming down. What are the risk of terminating my pregnancy, if I decided to do so which I have never ever done before and what are the risk of continuing my pregnancy. Please help

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Pregnancy during elective surgery

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This is almost unheard of as MOST facilities check you for pregnancy during your pre-op as the risks of anesthesia on a fetus are considerable.  If you did not get check, you must confirm that you really are pregnant with a home pregnancy test.  If for some reason you are pregnant, termination is certainly an option, considering what you just had done and your tummy tuck should not prevent you from having it done in a timely manner.  Hopefully you won't have to deal with anything!

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Pregnancy after tummy tuck?Pregnancy after tummy tuck?

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Thank you for your post. You certainly can have a baby after tummy tuck. In a tummy tuck, we are putting your body back together similiar to what you were like before you were pregnant. Your muscle tension, your skin and your fat contours are adjusted. Once you are fully healed from your surgery, your body is just as able to accept a pregnancy as it was before your first pregnancy. However, if your belly area stretched after your first pregnancy, then you are likely to stretch again after your next pregnancy. Most surgeons recommend to have a tummy tuck after you are finished having childern, however, in certain instances, such as starting to date again, or just not being happy with your post pregnancy body, then it makes sense to go ahead and have a tummy tuck. Just realize that you may need a revision later on.  It takes 9 months to stretch the skin in pregnancy. Obviously you being pregnant 1 week after tummy tuck is not idea, but this will not cause you to open up. You will be well healed by the time the baby will be stretching the tissues.  Consult with your OBGyn to see if there are any risks to the fetus that may have occured if you were pregnant during the anesthetic.
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Pregnancy After One Week Tummy Tuck?

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A late period in the perioperative period is not always a pregnancy. Before adding additional stress, find out for sure. 

There should be no issues with termination, and also none with the TT other than those faced by any patient undergoing a TT and becoming pregnant, and that is the fact that after the pregnancy it is not predictable now much skin shrinkage will occur. I have had patients look great after the pregnancies, and others that needed a touch up skin removal.

The TT will be well healed before there is any abdominal distention, so there really should not be risks to the pregnancy itself. Better to discuss this all face to face with your surgeon and with your OB.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Pregnant After Tummy Tuck

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First, find out if you are pregnant.  Surgery sometimes throws off your cycle and can make you period late.  Sometimes you are checked to see if you are pregnant with a blood or urine test before you go to surgery, so see if the test was done by your doctor or facility before surgery.

If you are pregnant, you, your partner, and your OB doctor can decide together if you want to terminate or not.  Termination can be done without a general anesthesia, so I don't think your risk of  anesthesia for that procedure  are excessive. 

If you continue a pregnancy, you can undo some of what has been done to improve your appearance and it can be a little harder for your abdomen to expand as the baby grows. 

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Pregnancy After One Week Tummy Tuck?

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I am sorry for the question and for the situation that you are in. It could be a false alarm since may times after surgery the periods are irregular and your pregnancy test may come negative. However if it comes positive and if you like to keep the baby you will loose what ever is achieved by TT. You can at this stage either have the result of TT or Baby. The choice is  yours. I am sure you will find a solution for you. Wish you good luck,

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