Spray tan before Tummy tuck and breast lift?

I am booked in for surgery on the 4th October for a tummy tuck and breast lift. I've got a wedding party on the 1st October which I would usually get a spray tan for as I am naturally pale but I am wondering if there is any reason I shouldn't doing so such as increased risk of infection or making my surgeons job more difficult due to not being able to tell my actual skin colour etc? Many thanks for your help.

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Personally, I would ask my patient not to do this right before her surgery

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If you are wearing a dress and wanted to put some color on your exposed arms or legs, this would probably be reasonable before a breast and stomach operation. However I do not think it would be wise to use on the areas to be operated on as the spray tan material can flake and get into the incisions as well as prevent the full effect of pre-operative skin prep solutions, both of which could increase your risk of infection.

Spray tan before surgery

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In general it's not a good idea to put those chemicals on the skin that is to be addressed surgically.

If you are going to a wedding why not put on a single piece bathing suit and spare the tummy and breasts. That way you can look tanned for the wedding and spare the skin for surgery.

Talmage Raine MD FACS

Body lift and tummy tuck - ok to spray tan first?

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Thank you for asking about your mommy make-over.

  • First, ask your own surgeon.
  • If you were my patient, I would say a spray tan is fine  - as long as it isn't on the tummy and chest where you will have surgery.
  • If this is a wedding party where you will be in a bikini - I would ask you to not spray tan.
  • Spraying those areas can irritate your incisions & the surgical soaps may adhere to the tan and give you a very strange color. 

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Spray tan

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In my practice I'd advise you to avoid the spray tan.  The tanning material tends to flake off and could end up inside your incisions during surgery.  Theres a potential for issues you could avoid by NOT getting the spray tan.  Call your surgeon's office and get their recommendation.  Best wishes!

Spray Tanning Before a Mommy Makeover

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It may be best not to #spray tan. Your skin tone should be as natural to your own as possible to better monitor your status during the #procedure and post-op. However, I recommend you inquire with your board-certified surgeon to confirm for sure per your consultation discussion. 

Spray tanning before surgery

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In my practice, I ask that my patients do not spray tan at least two weeks prior to surgery and wait 6 weeks after surgery.  This is just guidelines as pre and post op instructions vary from patient to patient depending on health history and how quickly their body recovers. 

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