Sore throat, Will my surgery need to be rescheduled?

I've got a bit of a sore throat! Will my surgery need to be rescheduled? It's due in 4 days!

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Sore throat, Will my surgery need to be rescheduled?

Great question! A sore throat would not necessarily cause your scheduled #BA to be postponed. I recommend that you let your #BCPS know as soon as possible so that they are aware of any possible illness. Illness can have negative effects while undergoing healing, so if it is postponed, it would be for your benefit. If there isn't any fever or other symptoms, your PS and anesthesiologist may go ahead with the #BA. Your physician will determine what is best for your. Best wishes!

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Sore throat, Will my surgery need to be rescheduled?

You should let your chosen surgeon know your current symptoms immediately to determine if you will be okay for surgery.


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Sore throat

Hi Samekesall

If it is just a sore throat  and you are otherwise well with no Temperature your Surgeon and Anaesthetist may feel it is safe to go ahead with the surgery.

If you feel unwell with a temperature they may well recommend the operation is postponed for a couple of weeks so that you are as fit as possible.

Good luck and I hope the operation goes well.

Adrian Richards, MD
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Illness pre surgery

Dear samkelsall. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling ill just before your op. Ultimately, the decision to postpone surgery will be made by your anaesthetist and surgeon together - so I would make sure you speak to them straight away. The decision will be made with your safety as a number one priority but it may be possible to go ahead with surgery. Good luck!

Sore throat, Will my surgery need to be rescheduled?

Call your surgeon and notify him/her. You might also ask your primary care physician to obtain a throat culture or Strept screen to R/O "Strept Throat." Anesthesia will be unwilling to put you to sleep if you are sick with a sore throat or cold.

Sore throat before surgery

I would recommend that you call your operating plastic surgeon because they may want you to see your primary care physician to make sure that you don't have something like a strept throat. There is a rapid test that can be done to ascertain whether or not this bacteria has caused you to have a sore throat. Remember this is elective surgery and should only be done when you are in the best possible condition. Good luck with your impending surgery.

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Sore throat prior to surgery

This decision is usually made between your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist. If you don't have a fever or productive cough or significant redness of the back of the throat, often you can proceed with surgery.

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Call you surgeon

I would contact your surgeon now before you breast augmentation.  As long as you do not have a fever, it should be ok and resolve in a few days.  Your surgeon may want you to go and see your primary care.
Best Wishes,
Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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