If I needed contact lenses after laser eye surgery, would I be able to wear them? Does lasik or lasek leave your cornea flatter?

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Contact lens wear after laser vision correction

LASIK and LASEK (or PRK) for nearsightedness will flatten the central cornea. For farsightedness, they steepen the central cornea. And for astigmatism, they make the cornea more spherical, flattening one meridian and steepening the opposite.
Nearly all patients who want or need to wear contacts after LASIK or LASEK are able to, assuming they were able to comfortably wear them prior to their procedure. In exceptionally rare cases, corneal refractive surgery will make it more difficult or impossible to wear contacts.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

Contacts after Lasik or Lasek

Either procedure will flatten your cornea if you have a myopic or nearsighted correction. The more nearsightedness the more flattening is required to correct it. Most patients if they needed contacts after surgery could wear them but if they have a lot of flattening they may need special contacts made for that situation.

Brian Davis, MD
Salt Lake City Ophthalmologist

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