I Had my LASEK on 11-06-13. Is It Safe to Go for Offshore Duty? Still Have Slight Blurry Vision and Itchy Feeling in my Eye.

I get a feeling of something in my eye if I concentrate on a point for few moments. Although my vision has become 6/6 in eye test, but I'm not able to read the objects clearly which are at a distance. I get an itchy sensation near my eyes atleast 4-5 times a day after lasek. IS it normal.

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Recovery after safer noncutting LASEK

I'm performing more LASEK procedures than any other surgeon in the US. About 1,000 per year. LASEK is safer than the older cutting LASIK procedure. That's why it's ok for special forces like SEALs but LASIK is not. Recovery takes longer. When I was doing LASIK my patients were fully recovered by 

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