Do I have double bubble?

I went with a surgeon not fully qualified to preform breast aug which is now being investigated.March I had 325ccs unders and my breasts started to sag soon after and my implants are stuck top of my chest and natural breast hung below.So this looked like I had 4 boobs,my surgeon has told me my breasts are 'fine'.I was a small b cup before and now my breasts are discusting,mangled.I'm just wondering if anybody can help me and tell me if this looks like 'double bubble' before I go another surgeon.

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Double Bubble?

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Regardless of the name you have an unsatisfactory appearance and are right to want it corrected. Your surgeon is wrong to not listen to your concerns. Your images show that the implant is riding high and it is not now centred properly behind your breast tissue. 

This requires revisional surgery to correct it. 

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Double contour deformity not double bubble

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Thank you for your question and photos.  From what I can see you do not have a double bubble deformity.  This occurs when the implant sits lower than the native breast crease and there is a visible line running transversely across the lower breast resulting in two bulges.  This can happen in patients with very tight lower poles/constricted breasts, can happen when the breast fold is lowered to accommodate an implant, or can happen when the surgeon lowers the fold inadvertently during surgery.  What I see on your photo is a double contour deformity or "snoopy breast."   This happens when an implant is placed under the muscle and the breast tissue slides off.  I don't see any frontal preop photos, but you most likely needed a lift with your implant to avoid the double contour.   

Not a double bubble

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A double bubble usually refers to an implant that is dropped too low below the crease of the natural breast. What you have is a Snoopy deformity which is named after the cartoon character Snoopy's nose which turns downward. This is usually attributed to an implant that is either never dropped, or been subjected to capsular contracture, such that the breast is falling off of a highly placed implant. From the look of your photographs you probably needed a mastopexy along with an implant to move the breast tissues up over the placement of an implant in the correct position under your pectoralis muscle. I would recommend that you be seen by a qualiifed,aesthetic board certified plastic surgeon for recommendations about a revision.

? double bubble

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Your results based on your photos are not a double bubble. Your implant appears to be in right place for a submuscular augment. What you appear to have is significant ptosis (sag) which can be corrected with a breast lift.

Barry M. Schwartz, MD
Weston Plastic Surgeon

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