Nipple burning sensation. How can I get rid of it?

Hi! Another question from me.. i have began gaining some nipple sensation back.. however my nipples sting and burn.. how can i get rid of it? I began taking ibproufen a day ago and I stopped the oxy. I ice ice ice ice.. which i do take intervals so im not freezing my breaat. But it hurts, it keeps me from sleeping.

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Burning nipples

Congratulations on your recent surgery! The burning sensation you are experiencing is normal post surgery.  This is the nerve endings regenerating. It should all calm down in a few months to the most being a year. Best of luck!

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Sensitive nipples

It is normal for you to have numbness, tingling, even shooting pains in your breasts, after a breast augmentation. It is due to the nerves being stretched and regenerating. Also, it is normal that your nipples may become extra sensitive, as well. You can try and get any silicone nipple covers to see if it helps with the irritation when wearing your bra. Although it can be annoying, just understand it will improve with time. Best of Luck. 

Evan Feldman, MD, FACS
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Nipple burning sensation. How can I get rid of it?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your surgery!  After an augmentation the nerves of the skin are stretched as a result of swelling and the increased volume of the implants.  This stretching irritates the nerves which can cause a number of different nipple and breast skin sensations including increased/decreased sensitivity or a burning/electrical feeling.  As the stretching and swelling resolves so will the burning sensation.  Hang in there and be sure to mention these issues to your surgeon during your post-operative appointments. 

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Nipple burning sensation

Hello, there are medications that specifically help with burning pain associated with nerve regeneration.  You could ask your surgeon if this might be an option for you.

William Andrade, MD
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