Can a 72 years of age MtF transsexual have facial feminisation surgery?

I underwent gender reassignment surgery 2.1/2 years ago and now wish to investigate FFS to look less masculine and show myself as more feminine. I attach 3 photographs of myself (not very flattering I'm afraid) and would welcome your thoughts please. It is not a question of looking younger, I am quite happy to be my age, it is a matter of stopping people always looking at me. Am I too old for this type of surgery please? What procedures should I consider please?

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Facial feminization

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Thank you for your question! Facial feminzation has 2 parts to it: the feminization part proper and the rejuventation part. Both contribute to increasing the attractiveness of your face. Based on your photos I would recommend considering a forehead contouring, scalp advancement and browlift procedure along with lower blepahroplasty, cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift and neck lift. We perform these procedures in patients in their 70s routinely if medical clearance for the procedure is granted... Hope this helps!

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FFS in the aging patient

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FelineJill, Thank you so much for this great question, and I applaud your courage for approaching this at your stage in life.  I see many patients requesting facial surgery in their 70's and it is important to note that age alone is not a risk factor.  If you are otherwise healthy and have had regular checkups with no concerning findings, then you are a candidate for whatever you can afford and will help you reach your goal.  If your goal is to look your age, just more feminine, I would consider starting with follicular unit hair transplant.  Your pictures suggest you have wonderful silver/white hair, but the recessed hairline up front is very telling of your genetics.  Brow repositioning, rhinoplasty and upper lip augmentation vs advancement would be considered as well, but be careful to have it done tastefully and not overdone, remembering that your goal is to "stop people always looking at you."  A face/neck lift would help for the lower face, but may also unmask the Adam's apple, so you would probably need to have that addresses as well.  With the brow repositioning, this can be done a number of ways, including with forehead reduction.  Best of luck to you.

Michael J. Nuara, MD
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