3 weeks post op one breast bigger than the other. Slight asymmetry to behind with so had 350/375 ultra high profile. (photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op and had asymmetry which I didn't even notice to begin with. My surgeon ordered 2 different sizes and started off with using the same sized implants but said they looked better with one 350 and the other 375. Immediately after surgery they looked even but now I'm 3 weeks the smaller breast which has the bigger implant looks so much bigger and lower + I'm so worried this is the result. I don't see how my breast with the smaller implant will get any bigger :(

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3 Weeks post op one breast larger than the other

Thank you for your question.  At 3 weeks post op it is too soon to say what your results will be.   It is normal to be swollen this early on in your recovery.  Your breasts will heal at a different rates and drop into the pocket at different times as well.  The healing process takes several months.  As my colleges have stated asymmetry is very normal most women are not symmetric.  Make sure to follow up with your surgeon with your concerns.
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Dr. Hisham Seify

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Implant Worry after Surgery

Thank you for your question and pictures.  Congratulations on getting through your breast augmentation.  The good news is that the first few weeks to months you will see changes in your breast size, height, and firmness.  Try not to worry about these changes as you will even out soon.  If you have an immediate change with pain, fever, redness,or tenderness please call your surgeon for an in person examination.
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Steven Camp MD

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Go see your surgeon

Hello and thank you for your question.  During the 1st several weeks, it is not uncommon to go through various changes as your swelling subsides and the scar tissue forms and remodels.  Please note that the two sides heal at different rates.  Having said that, if you notice a major change compared to before, please contact your surgeon to be seen to ensure that you do not have something out of the ordinary causing this change. Take care and best of luck to you.  
Dr. Sean Kelishadi

Sean Kelishadi, MD
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3 weeks post op one breast bigger than the other.

Thank you for your question and for the photo.  3 weeks is much too early to determine your final result. It is not at all uncommon to still have swelling at 3 weeks, and each breast can drop into the pocket at different rates.  There is almost always some asymmetry to natural breasts, and it sounds like your plastic surgeon tried to even things up a bit with a very slightly bigger implant on one side.  Keep in mind, 25cc's is the equivalent to less than an ounce, which is barely perceptible.  Try to be patient with your recovery and discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.  I assure you, you are not currently seeing your final result.  I hope this helps.  

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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