Uneven Swelling - 2 Weeks After Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty

Hello. I had an open septo-rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. I have only just started noticing abit of uneven swelling on one side of my nose and this has me somewhat worried. Part of my procedure was to correct a deviated septum so I am hoping that my nose isn't starting to go back to it's former position?

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Uneven Swelling after Septorhinoplasty

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Depending on what was done during your surgery, it is very common to see uneven swelling as the nose recovers. Some causes of uneven swelling include: more dissection/work on one side of the nose, the need to break the nose bones at different locations, if you slept with your head on the side the night before. I would not be concerned with uneven swelling after only 2 weeks. See your surgeon for his/her opinion. Sometimes simple finger massage/pressure can help improve this, but often it will resolve on its own with time.

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Not a problem (yet)

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If it has only been 2 weeks since your surgery, I would not worry about it at this point.  Things like the way you slept, the amount of work done on each area of the nose, and the amount of salt you eat can all affect how you swell at this point.  Just make sure you follow-up closely with your doctor.  We sometimes have patients perform compression exercises or give steroid injections to help control asymmetric swelling.  It is dependent upon the surgery performed.  Good luck.

Colin Pero, MD
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