Dip in Nose After Swelling Disappeared from Septorhinoplasty. What to Do?

Had deviated septum and nose from baseball when young. Nose had bump and projected a little too far. Gave Dr. photoshopped pictures of very straight profile that he agreed were perfectly doable results. 2 months after surgery, swelling completely gone, but revealed prominent dip between top & bottom of nose. It was there when cast came off, but VERY subtle, so I didn't mind. Now I do mind though. Would a cartilage graft achieve this? How long do I have to wait to fix this?

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Swelling after rhinoplasty surgery

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The dip you are referring to may improve with time as the swelling resolves around it or it might be more noticeable requiring filler or graft material depending upon the extent of your concern. I would suggest you address this with your surgeon since there may be areas that can be addressed during the healing process. Typically, one needs to wait at least 1 year after the rhinoplasty before revision surgery is contemplated.

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I am unable to determine from the photos exactly what the problem is. This will have to be evaluated properly.  However, doing anything so early after surgery may not be a good idea. I would advise you to be patient and wait until at least 8 to 12 months before considering any additional surgery if you are still unsatisfied with the outcome.

Consideration may be given to some injectable treatment as well if this is a very limited, specific area. Your surgeon would have to see if this may be a good  option for you.

Post-op dip

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At two months after surgery it is generally too early to make many conclusions about the final result. Some parts of the nose will heal faster than others and others will retain swelling longer. If your nose is more swollen above the "dip" then it could get better with time and/or a steroid injection. Good luck.

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