Why Don't I See A Difference After I Had Ultherapy Done 2 Months Ago on the Upper Face?

Had Ulthearpy Done 2 Months Ago on the Upper Face. I See ZERO Difference, and Had No Pain!  is That Way I See No Results?

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Ultherapy results at two months need more time

Ultherapy works by heating the deeper tissues just under the skin.  This layer supports the skin and helps to lift the skin when it is treated.  The treatment results in the layer shrinking, but the shrinking does not occur immediately.  It happens gradually during the repair process after the heating.  This process takes at a minimum 90 days to see in the skin above and will continue for up to 9 months after treatment.  Be patient and remember, Ultherapy is the best NON-surgical option available for tightening today, but it is still unpredictable in its results.

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What is the Timing of Ultherapy results ?

You will start seeing tightening of the skin between 2 and 3 months after Ultherapy. Final results will be seen at six months. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. 

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Ultherapy needs more than two months to see the results of facial lifting

There are two components responsible for facial lifting after Ultherapy. One is the contraction of the SMAS connective tissue layer. This is an immediate effect. Once it contracts, it tightens and in turn, lifts the facial features that have sagged over time.  The other component is the development of collagen. This effect can take six months or more, even up to a year to see the final result. Having had less pain does not necessarily mean you would get less of a result.  Your nerve endings might not be as sensitivie to the thermal changes in the dermis as other people.

Results from Ultherapy, may differ, depending on how the treatment was done. How close together were the lines of therapy? How many lines were done? If one doctor were to treat the face with Ultherapy by giving only 500 lines, and another doctor treat with 1000 lines, the results certainly may be different. If there were multiple transducers of different depths used, then there might be better lifting or tightening.

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Results After Ulthera

It takes three months to START to see the results. Over the course of the next 6-9 months, even better results will become noticeable. 

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Ultherapy results noticable at 3 months

Ultherapy results typically are just starting to kick in at the 2 month mark, and the onset is gradual. I tell patients they will see results at 3 months, and may continue to have improvement up to 6 months. Regarding pain during treatment, it really varies person to person. I've had some patients say it didn't hurt at all, and other patients say it was painful and much better tolerated with pain medication on board. The fact that you didn't have pain does not mean it was not working. Also, take a photo of yourself in one month (at the 3 month mark) and compare it to your pre-treatment photo. Often when the results are gradual, and you forget what you used to look like, thinking you always looked the way you do now. A few of my patients who wondered if they saw results were shocked when they looked back at their old photos. They actually had a huge result but didn't realize how they used to look. If you truly did not get any result, I would go to the provider and voice your concerns. Maybe you got a less aggressive treatment and there is room for more. While Ultherapy is an excellent treatment, the results do not equal a facelift. If the treatment does not give you as much as you hoped for, surgery may be what you really need to accomplish your goals.

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