Ultherapy Dozens of Round Bumps Under my Skin on Checks, Jaw and Neck?

5 days ago I had Ultherapy. Right after I noticed a bump on my check. When I awoke in the am I had dozens of lumps, bumps under the skin. Not in the shape of a line but, individual bumps like acne (which I have never had). My derm said they are blisters. Please help, Jennifer P.

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Complications of Ultherapy

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Jennie, it sounds as if you are having a reaction to the treatment or gel used for treatment. Blisters are fluid filled and not solid bumps, so I would think this is an inflammatory reaction from the heating of the tissues. Inflammation can look like red bumps or even like bug bites and should subside with cool compresses but sometimes needs a topical or internal steroid to quickly resolve the problem. Follow up with your Derm if these aren't resolving 

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Ultherapy related blisters are uncommon

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Blisters are fluid filled and not 'lumps'. Lumping is uncommon and I have never seen that after Ultherapy. It is related to not keeping the transducer perpendicular to the skin during treatments. It will go away. Recommend using topical neosporin. 

Bumps after Ultherapy

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I can not comment on your condition as I am not examining you. I am only aware of rare cases in which there are welts, especially after use of the 1.5 mm. shallow transducer. Typically these fade in hours after treatment. Round blisters are not expected and could be caused by multiple different causes, some unrelated and coincidental with the Ultherapy.

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Blisters and ultherapy

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Blisters should not occur after an Ultherapy treatment. I recommend contacting your doctor for an evaluation if they do not go away within a few days or if any new bumps form.

Carlo P. Honrado, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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