Throbbing vein (with pulse) appears on forehead after exercise, if I bend down and if I smile. Can it be removed safely? (Photo)

More have popped up on the side of my forehead also with pulses. Can arteries be removed safety? Would heavy exercise increase the chance of more veins appearing? Would botox affect it? With sensitive, thin skin, would you recommend it or another treatment to thicken it? The creepy vein photo, demonstrates that even when I slightly smile, the vein pops out. Thank you in advance, Emma

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Forehead Veins - Sclerotherapy or Microphlebectomy or both

I use a combination of treatments simultaneously and inject with sclerotherapy to obliterate small branches and make the vein smaller by spasm and use this as a tool to enable tiny micropuncture wounds to remove the vein via  technique called sclerotherapy. Such incisions can heal quite nicely with little residual. Expect to pay approximately 2000 dollars. 

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Forehead veins can be safely removed.

The forehead vein that you show actually is a quite common complaint for facial veins.  It appears to be relatively large. The best treatment for this would be removal through 2 or 3  small incisions (microphlebectomies).  The trade off is that there will be 2 very small scars. The alternative to this would be sclerotherapy but this is actually more difficult to do and requires multiple treatments. Another option would be to just leave it alone.

John Landi, MD
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