Why do people get lumps after Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure? Should I tone up prior to BBL?

Is it because they have loose skin? So it's safe to say that it's best to tone up prior Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery? Also what is a Seroma? Thanks

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Lumps and Seroma After Brazilian Butt Lift

A BBL is basically liposuction of unwanted fat and removal of fat in the waist, flanks, hips and upper thighs as needed to frame the buttock. Then the fat is washed, concentrated and re-injected back into areas of the buttocks that are deficient in volume.  Fat is living tissue and not all of it is expected to survive. If it is injected such that too much is put in one spot and it does not get blood vessel in-growth to keep it alive, it dies. Then the fat just dissolves into fatty oil. This is resorbed, but there can be firmness or lumpiness or oil cyst formation or calcification.  
As a natural consequence of liposuction, there is a reaction in the tissues from the trauma of surgery, and this shows as a firmness which lasts for 2-3 months. Sometimes there is some lumpiness or irregularity as well in the liposuctioned tissues. This normally also goes away in 2-3 months.
Seroma is the unwanted accumulation of fluid under the skin. It is most common after tummy tuck where a large space has been opened up. Fluid accumulates for about three weeks, and for some varying period after surgery, drains are placed to remove the fluid. It is not common after liposuction alone.  I have never seen it in my practice, but it could be more likely when laser-based liposuction is done.  First generation ultrasonic liposuction was prone to seroma, but with the Vaser ultrasonic technology, it has become very uncommon.
 While toning up is good for muscles, skin does not change. Fat grafting helps loose skin in the buttock if it is not too severe, because the skin envelope is put under tension by increasing the volume of the buttock.

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Why do people get lumps after Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure? Should I tone up prior to BBL?

People get lumps because the fat that was placed, melts away and becomes scar. Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is a highly technique dependent procedure. The fat harvested for the BBL must be done gently to keep the fat cells alive and the fat transfer must be done by injecting small droplets of fat into the gluteus muscle, deep fat and superficial fat of the buttocks. The point is, that the surgeon should not inject a lump of fat into one place that is greater than 2-3mm in diameter. Anything larger than this, can form a hard lump (dead fat) which will eventually dissolve. See a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in fat grafting procedures. On the internet you will see BBL photos that are 2 weeks out from surgery from unscrupulous practitioners. This is not a true result. You want to see photos after BBL that are at least 4-6 months or longer postop to appreciate the final result. 

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Irregular contour after Brazilian buttock lift

If you have loose skin prior to a fat transfer to the buttock you will still have loose skin after the procedure. Another reason to have irregular contour or bumps could be due to fatty necrosis. A seroma is a fluid collection under the skin that can happen after different types of procedures. Generally speaking, the best candidates for fat transfer to the buttock are those who have good skin tone and good elasticity.

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Lumps with BBL

Lumps can develop from fat necrosis or fluid collections. It is difficult to predict but not that common best of luck.

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Why do people get lumps after Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

Thank you for your question, lumps often happen after the Brazilian butt lift, some of them may be scar tissue due to aggressive liposuction, others may be lumps of fat left behind. That is why post op lymphatic massage therapies are very important after your procedure this will not only speed up the recovery process, but will also soften scar tissue and eliminate the appearance of any lumps or irregularities.

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