I got Botox for crows feet yesterday, 25 units each side, is that too much? (photos)

I had botox for crows feet yesterday, in 3 spots around outer eye socket in doses of 5, 10 & 10, with the 5 being at the top. today I've looked it up on real self and some doctors are quoting much lower does, have I had too much? I had excessive wrinkles under and to the sides of my eyes after having botox in my forehead 4 months ago which weren't there before, but my injector says they must've been. Today my eyes look slightly different and and I'm worried!

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Botox treatment of crow's feet - dosage

Only a few months Botox treatment of the crow's feet was approved by the FDA and 24 units total (twelve per side) were used in the study.   25 units per side sounds excessive but this depends on what is being treated. I have used 12 to 15 units total (less than the recommended dose of 24) on many patients with a good result, although it may not last as long as the larger dose.  Now that 20 days have passed since your injection, how is your result?

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Botox For Crow's Feet

I typically use between 20-30 units total for the crows feet.  If it is botox or xeomin.  However, if it is dysport I may use 2-3x more.  So it depends on which type of toxin was used.  If you are concerned, speak to the physician who treated you.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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50 units of Botox for crow's feet is a bit hefty

50 units for crow's feet is more than I have ever used. That being said, some people use higher doses and some people have very strong muscles and need more. Even if you had more than you need it should not harm anything but your wallet. I expect that you will get god results but I would try using less next time and seeing whether you do just as well and save some money

Jo Herzog, MD
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Botox for crow's feet

There is a range of dosage for crow's feet.  It sounds like you had a little more than average.  I would wait two weeks to assess your results.  One day is not enough to see any results from your Botox injections.  Please keep me posted.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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