Is it ok to have sex the day before surgery?

Hi, im 32 yrs old... mother of 4 kids... and currently weight getting a mommy makeover... tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and lipo on my back....and arms....on July 3rd...

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Is it okay to have sex the day before surgery?

Sexual activity the night before surgery should be fine. It would be unwise however to become pregnant as a result.

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Is it ok to have sex the day before surgery?

It would be best if you check with your surgeon for his pre-op restrictions. Good luck, Dean Vistnes 

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As long as you use birth control to prevent pregnancy, I see no reason why this should be a problem.

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Mommy makeover aftercare

After a mommy makeover, it takes time for the implants to settle (if you got implants) and it takes time for the swelling to resolve. This can take up to 6 months so I don't usually recommend any revisions for that time. Specific questions about problems with the surgery are usually best directed to the plastic surgeon who performed your surgery. Thanks for your question!

Is it ok to have sex the day before surgery?

Generally speaking, sexual activity is okay, pregnancy is not ( be careful!). Best wishes with your upcoming procedure.

Sex before surgery

Thank you for your Mommy Make Over question.
  • It is a good idea to rest the day before surgery -
  • With 4 children, that sounds hard enough
  • But if you think sex will help you - check with your surgeon. Best wishes

Sex after surgery is at the recommendation of your own surgeon.

I can't imagine you'll be in the mood for sexual activity after the operations you describe. Nevertheless the go-ahead should be from your own plastic surgeon.

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