I got two sessions of Brazilian laser hair removal but I regret. Will my hair grow back like as it used to be?

Will my vagina look like as it used to be or will I have some bald places ? how effective is two treatments ? I have medium light skin dark hairs. Hope they will grow back

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Effect of 2 seesions of brazilian laser hair removal?

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You will be fine. Two sessions not enough to create a long lasting effect. For a few months you might feel the hair to be softer and thinner and eventually, you will notice that it will be back to normal.

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2 sessions of LHR in bikini, will hair grow back?

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Hello, thank you for your question. With only 2 sessions completed, much of the hair should grow back, it will not necessarily be patches, as with just 2 treatments, it only effected a percentage of your total follicles. The follicles that were at rest during the treatment cycles would not have been effected. I would guess that the hair volume will be lighter, but not patchy. 

Good Luck!

Mark A. Blair, MD
Phoenix Dermatologic Surgeon
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You will have some hair regrowth.

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Laser hair reduction requires a series of at least 6 or more treatments to achieve a significant amount of hair reduction.  You will continue to have hair growth after two treatments of laser hair reduction.  The hair may grow back a bit patchy or not as dense.  Only time will tell how your hair growth pattern is going to grow in as there are several stages of anagen (active growing phase) hair growth.  

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