Reshape Belly Button or Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss?

I have lost about 20 lbs. and a little flap of loose skin is now hanging over my originally horizontal-shaped navel. I have no loose skin from the navel to the groin but I really don't like the look of my navel following the weight loss. I have taken regular exercise throughout my weight loss. My question is: could I just have my belly button reshaped from a horizontal one to a vertical one? Or would I need something more radical like a Tummy Tuck to correct it? Thank you.

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Reshaping the belly button alone will not work.

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Unfortunately, yours is a difficult problem because of the trade offs.  Having a tummy tuck will greatly improve the shape of your stomach and of your belly button, but you will have long scars which may not be worth it.

Trying to fix the belly button alone will not work.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck versus smaller procedure

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Even from your frontal view, it's apparent that you have a bulge of the lower abdomen, as well as skin and fat excess. The upper abdomen does not seem to have as much fat excess, but seems to have some muscle laxity (bulging) and extra skin. Umbilicoplasty will not be able to fix the muscle bulging, nor will it eliminate the extra skin and fat; therefore, it will not be successful in converting your horizontally-oriented belly button into a vertical one.

Your best bet, if you truly wish to have this corrected, is to undergo a full tummy tuck, with plication (tightening) of the abdominal wall muscles, removal of the extra skin and fat, and relocation and reshaping of the belly button. The effects on your entire abdominal wall, not just the belly button, will be dramatic.

Best of luck!

Reshape belly button or Tummy Tuck after weight loss

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Dear SallyAnn,

The one view photograph is rather inadequate for basing far sweeping, life-impacting surgical recommendations.

The fact that you have a gentle transverse tissue draping SUGGESTS your fat loss was most in the fat shelf just superior to your umbilicus. An umbilicoplasty can ONLY create or shape a belly button NOT affect the wider area of skin above it.

Losing 20 pounds here; Gaining 30 pounds there, as most of us do through the year literally makes you an unstable and mobile cosmetic target. I would recommend you do nothing until you are done having children and your weight has fully stabilized. Then, based on your appearance, muscle laxity skin laxity you MAY wish to consider a surgical procedure.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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