C-Section After Tummy Tuck?

I had a WONDERFULL TUMMY TUCK 15 YEARS AGO.And i just had a baby last year.I had a vaginal birth and had no complications from TT, except things were a bit tight and I carried high.But now with this pregnancy Ihave to have a C-section due to placenta previa. I'm so scared!Will it be difficult because of my TT?Have no idea if the muscels were sown together, and Doc is out of practice, now.Can't find any info on C-section after Tummy Tuck, help! Hope to hv a new TT when this is all over.

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C-Section after Tummy Tuck

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It is recommended that you contact your plastic surgeon and get his operative notes at the very least.

Probably you will want to have the plastic surgeon interface with the ObGyn to make sure they are both clear on exactly what procedure was done for you when you had your tummy tuck.

Chances are you will not have a problem, but if something special was done, i.e. mesh repair for example, this might make it difficult for the ObGyn, and you might want to have the plastic surgeon (or a plastic surgeon) scrub in on the operation.

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Tummy Tuck - C-Section After Tummy Tuck?

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Ideally, you would be able to obtain the medical records so that your GYN can see exactly what was done during your TT.  The truth, though, is that (1) it may be a little harder to get through the tissues since you undoubtedly have some scar tissue and possibly sutures pulling things (ie, muscle) together and (2) GYNs are very good at getting through whatever they need to in order to get your baby out safely and quickly.  And my guess is that whatever has been left behind by your TT is very little compared to some of what they have to go through at times.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

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C section after tummy tuck

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There's no problem with having a C section after your tummy tuck.  The same incision should be used and exposure will be easy because they can actually extend their skin incision a little bit more than usual since you already have a scar.  They'll not be doing a tummy tuck though, just your cesarean and your skin may not retract as well as it did years ago.  This may be something to consider...

C-section after TT

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You should not be worried about your upcoming c-section in view of your past TT.  Discuss it with your OB.  Most likely he/she can make an incision along your abdominoplasty scar and you won't get an additional scar.  At the time of your TT your muscles were sewn together vertically down the midline.  Typically in a c-section the muscles are cut horizontally and repaired at the end of the delivery.  Ask your OB about how he/she plans to do it.  You may need to have additional skin excised after two pregnancies, but do not do this at the time of your section.  It can definitely lead to problems.  Wait for six months and see a plastic surgeon if you feel the need for a secondary abdominoplasty.

C-section after a tummy tuck

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Despite your prior tummy tuck, a planned C-section will not be problem for your OB at the time you are due. You may wish to discuss your concerns with your OB so you can anticipate the incision used. Most will use a low transverse incision called a phanenstiel incision which can be approached through the tummy tuck scar, though based on your photo the usual incision would be placed a bit lower. Also, some will choose a low mid-line incision if they need the 'room' or exposure for a safe outcome. Come what may, you and baby should do well.

Best of luck,


C-Section After Tummy Tuck?

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Should be no issue for your OB/GYN. But if you want have a PS in attending the C-section. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

C-Section after tummy tuck

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Generally speaking, your gynecologist should be able to proceed with very little change in technique from a typical c-section other than a slightly higher Pfannenstiel incision in the abdominoplasty scar./

C-section after tummy tuck

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Though not ideal to have a tummy tuck before pregnancy, it is certainly okay to have a c-section after a tummy tuck. More than likely your muscles were plicated in the midline.  Good luck!

C Section after Tummy Tuck is Not a Problem

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There is no reason to be concerned about having a C-section after previously having had a tummy tuck.  The obstetrician can use your previous TT scar for her/his incision.  You will probably wish to have a repeat TT as you mentioned after your last pregnancy.

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C section surgery after a TT

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Congrats on your upcoming baby ! Its likely that the contouring improvements you gained from TT surgery will be lost after your pregnancy- but these issues can be addressed 12-16 months post partum. Your OB will likely do a typical Cesarean approach using a low pelvic scar. The fact that you have had a TT should not complicate this important operation.

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