Will bellafill that's been overfilled continue to get bigger as my collagen starts to replace the bellafill collagen? (photo)

Had bellafill with 1 syrenge for superficial marionette lines. Instead of placing it in my lines he placed it from my chin to the line. It gave me a heavy lower puffy jaw now. I look like I have cotton shoved in my lower gums. My pretty pointy chin is gone. I'm on day 5, the swelling is gone. But I'm scared. Once my own collagen starts to build will I look deformed? Should I get cortizone shots now? I'm so scared! Plus I feel one bump forming in there. Should I message it?

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Overfilled with Bellafill

5 days is a bit soon to expect swelling from Bellafill to go away especially if done with traditional needles.  With blunt cannulas, swelling can still last 2-3 days.  It's possible you have a bruise and if so, it could take 2-6 weeks for it to resolve.  Be patient and wait at least 2 weeks and see if the swelling is gradually improving.  As the bovine collagen gets replaced by your own collagen typically the result is the same as with the bovine collagen.

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Be Patient

Be patient and stay calm. Five days after injection with Bellafill is too soon to judge the results. With time the "puffy"  areas should subside and you should see substantial improvement of the jaw area.  The bump may  be due to a small collection of blood under the skin due to trauma from the injection and should resolve.  Most importantly  speak with your doctor about your concerns.

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5 days is way to soon to panic.  If possible give it some time to smooth and settle.  You are also still very swollen from the treatment.

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Bellafill Just One Week After Injection

Bellafill or Artefill, like all fillers, causes trauma and that results in swelling, bruising, lumps and bumps that you can fell but usually not see as well as tissue distortion. All of these problems will settle. In fact, the adverse events reported in the 5 year study for Bellafill, showed no persistent problems at the end. Of course we do not want to wait 5 years and I can tell you that when these problems are seen after a Bellafill injection, they are almost always gone at 3 months without any intervention. Many injectors are quick to treat these problems with things like excision or steroids but I can tell you from 9 years of using Bellafill almost daily, 99 % of these problems will settle on their own if given a chance. In addition, as a medical consultant for the makers of the product who reviews patient problems that are submitted to them, these problems are usually injector error.

Bellafill gives remarkable results in the right hands. One week is too early to tell what your results will be, but from what I see, I believe you will like them but you have to be patient, its only been a week! 

Because it lasts so long, you should be aware of the risks and benefits of these types of fillers. I have added a video that may help you.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

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Bellafill complications in Los Angeles

Quite a possibility. Our office specializes in the removal of permanent fillers from soft tissue. Many patients who have Bellafill may not be candidates for surgical removal. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
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