Fat Transfer Suitable for Tubular Breasts?

Is Fat transfer suitable for tubular breasts to enlarge the size and the shape?

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Fat transfer for Tubular Breasts

Dear Fomento,

No. I would advise you strongly not to do it for multiple reasons.

Tubular breasts, also known as Snoopy Dog Deformity breasts, are in essence constricted breasts. The side walls of these breasts behave tighter than the roof (the subareolar region) giving rise to a plant TUBER (like sweet potatoes etc) appearance.

Even IF fat transfer to the breasts was an entirely safe and predictable procedure (which it is NOT...), the added volume will not be able to push the walls sideways and would only aggravate the herniation, distention and poochiness (I love sophisticated descriptions) of the nipple complex.

When we augment such breasts, we place centrifugal cuts, deep to superficial, radially through the breast tissues to break up the constriction. You can sometimes see and feel an actual spring when the tissue is released. The resulting breast looks and feels like normal breasts and assumes a normal building dome or cupola which nicely covers the breast implants.

Don't do it.

Hope that helped.

Dr. Peter Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 109 reviews

Fat Grafting for tubular breast deformity. - Yes you can.

I disagree with the other experts.

Fat grafting is probably the best way to correct tubular breast deformity. The deficient areas can be expanded with fat grafting very effectively, without any significant scarring, which is not possible with other techniques.

Unlike implants the fat can be placed in the infra-mammary area preferentially. It may take several procedures, but I have done this successfully.

Good luck.

Rodney A. Green, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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I do not recommend fat transfer for isolated correction of the tuberous breast

Tubular breasts are more than just small breasts. The proper name is really tuberous (like a tuberous vegetable) but better described as a range of constricted breast.

A constricted breast is a breast whose glandular tissue is dense and compact. This makes the breast appear "tubluar" rather than a dome like structure.

One of the critical portions of the constricted breast surgery is to expand the breast tissue. Many surgeons accomplish this by making several incisions into the breast base to "open it up". We call this technique radial relaxing incisions. In addition, many patients with tuberous breasts present with enlarged or "puffy areolae". This is frequently treated with an incision all the way around the border of the areola.

Augmenting the breast alone without performing the base expanding techniques or areolae reduction procedures may result in worsening of the tuberous breast appearance. Therefore, I would not use fat injection/transfer as an isolated technique for correction of the tuberous breast.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Tubular breasts need surgical lifting

Fat Transfer for breast augmentation is great. 

Fat transfer for making a breast augmentation look more natural around the edges is also great.

But, Tubular breasts need a breast lift with or without an implant.

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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