Age 16, Do I Have Tuberous Breasts?

I'm 16 and since the age of 13 and a half I have always had irregular looking breasts. I thought they would just develop normally over time but so far my nipples have remained puffy and pointy. However when I'm cold they go hard which makes them look normal. But in saying this the overall shape of my breasts still remains irregular. On top of this I have next to no tissue under my nipple. My breasts are also very spaced apart.

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Tuberous breasts?

Hi there,

You do have tuberous breasts.  Once you've completed growth, it can be corrected if you'd like it to be.  You're young to realize you have the condition, and need to wait a bit.  I suggest that when you're 18, you could start with a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your city to learn about your options.  All the best.

Howard Webster 

Tuberous Breasts

Thanks for photos.  You have a mild form of tuberous breast deformity.  Breast augmentation and internal reshaping of breast tissue will improve your size and shape.

Dr. ES

Tuberous breasts and age, corrective options

It is actually hard to say that breast development is complete at age 16 and although there are some elements of constriction, the main issue is the the right breast is higher and smaller -- a form of asymmetry. 

I would definitely wait until age 18 when breast growth is complete and you can sign your own consent form. At that time I would consider a number of options for achieving better size, shape, and symmetry. Another factor to consider is pregnancy effects which tend to be unpredictable, particularly in asymmetric breasts with or without tubular characteristics. 


Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon
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You exhibit signs of Tuberous Breasts.  There also some breast asymmetry.  All your concerns can be addressed with surgery.  Find a Plastic Surgeon in your area and have a consultation.

Todd B. Koch, MD
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous Breasts

Thanks for the enquiry.

Yes yuo do have tuberous breasts. The tightness of the skin and the pouting of the nipple are features of tuberous breast, and yuo amy choose to have these corrected. An surgical procedure that may involve a breast implant to correct the difference in cup size you already have, and achieve the final cup size yuo desire is an option yuo could discuss with a Plastic Surgeon.

Timing wise I would suggest you consider surgery after you are confident your breast size has stiopped increasing so you know the result yuo get now will be long standing.

All the best and I hope that is of some help

Jeremy Hunt    

Jeremy Hunt, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Do I Have Tuberous Breasts?

Yes you have a variant of tuberous breasts with asymmetry and hypoplasia, N/A asymmetry. Best to obtain ONLY IN PERSON consults from boarded PSs in your city. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous Breasts

Hello there

Yes I think you do have tuberous breasts although not very severe .

I would agree that around 18 years of age you should see a plastic surgeon for advice .

I suggest you take your mother with you to the consultation as you will need lots of support to go through the procedure


All the best

Terrence Scamp

Terrence Scamp, MBBS, FRACS
Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous, tubular, or constricted breasts are the same thing and not uncommon.

Breast that have a very narrow base a reference by several different names. The aesthetic problem is easy to fix if breast augmentation is desired.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous Breast

These photos demonstrate an early form of tuberous breasts. The crease underneath the breast is high and tight, and the remainder of the breast is being constricted by the tight tissues in the periphery. The breast tissue has nowhere to go but forward, following the path of least resistance resulting in the breast herniating through the areola. An implant alone may accentuate this deformity. Therefore, the breast tissue may need to be released from the inside, allowing the breast to expand. I hope this helps. I would recommend waiting to do any surgical procedure until your breast shape and size have been stable and unchanged for at least 12-24 months. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Gustavo E. Galante, MD
Schererville Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous deformity

Yes, you have a form of tuberous deformity.  Implants would probably help your situation.  You also have volume asymmetry and nipple height asymmetry.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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