Can I Trust Getting my Teeth Done in Bulgaria to Cut Costs?

I live in the uk and need extensive work done. I had 3 crowns and 1 implant over 10 years ago Ive never felt happy with but never been able to afford to get corrected. I now have massive hang ups as the 3 crowns implant that are my 4 front teeth all have receded black gum around them and its gotten to the point where im embarrassed to smile. So if i have the work done in uk im looking at near to £10,000 ... if i go to Bulgaria i get the same for £5000 ? Please advise me .. ?

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Dentistry in foreign countries

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"Tourism" dentistry as it is now called can save someone upfront costs but if something goes wrong you are up the creek without a paddle.  You can try and save money on things but dentistry is not one of them.  Pay a little more and stay where problems can be fixed.

Philadelphia Dentist
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Get Teeth Done in Bulgaria to cut costs

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I think you should you try and save money with televisions and cars but not surgeries that affect your body.  The black that shows may be metal from the restorations.  Using all porcelain restorations from a quality conscious dental office would actually solve the problem. Going cheap may be like throwing your money away.  Reconsider.  Dr. David Frey

Cheaper Dentistry in Bulgaria

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Well, I must say, I have removed a lot of dentistry that patients have received in other countries while trying to save money!!   It may end up costin gyou double or triple to repair things if not performed correctly.  I have no idea how the dentistry is in Bulgaria.  Please check that out before by asking others who may have had treatment.  Good luck!

Keith Blankenship, DDS
Jacksonville Dentist

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Buyer beware

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Yes you can get your treatment with significantly less expense in other countries. What you need to consider is what happens if something goes wrong? Are you prepared to go back multiple times to correct an issue?

Aria Irvani, DDS
Irvine Dentist

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