Moving Tooth

yesterday I went to the dentist for cleaning and my teeth were all fine, but after he did the cleaning one of my teeth moved from its place and now I don't know what to do to change the situation.

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Tooth loose after a cleaning

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In order to feel noticeable body movement a tooth, there has to be the absence of bone and other surrounding tissue that keeps the tooth in place. Increased mobility is seen in most cases of active periodontal diseased patients.  What usually keeps the teeth in place with this disease is a large calculus bridge or other toxins that help adhere the tooth the tooth to the soft tissue and not the surrounding hard tissue. If this is the cases the inflammation of the gum tissue will go away after treatment , the pocket present will shrink and the tooth will tighten over time. The most important thing will that the disease is controlled.... Ultimately  there are many causes of tooth mobility. I would recommend that you go to your; dentist explain the condition and come up with a resolution.


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Loose tooth after a cleaning

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A professional dental cleaning will not cause a tooth to become loose.  The most likely situation is that there is bone loss around the tooth that is mobile, but it didn't feel loose before  the cleaning because there was calculus holding on to the tooth.  Calculus is plaque that has hardened around the teeth.  Calculus is to be removed during a cleaning, and this often unmasks what lays under which may be a tooth with gum recession and bone loss.  It's a good idea to take recent x-rays and moniter the tooth.  Brushing and flossing twice a day will help prevent further bone loss.  If this case is not related to bone loss, but is rather due to slight  trauma, the tissues will reattach to the tooth and the tooth will become stable again.  Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian

Elizabeth Jahanian, DDS
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Tooth Moved After Cleaning

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Hi Mike1988, sorry to hear about your problem but it would be nearly impossible for a cleaning to physically move a tooth unless it was already loose .  I would suggest you call the dentist and have him/her look at it to see what the problem is.  Explain to him/her your concerns and they should be able to see you.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Moving tooth

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I would go back to the dentist and have an exam and x-ray.  It could be many different reasons why the tooth is moving.   Is there a restoration or crown on that tooth? Did you have orthodontics recently?  Determining if the crown of the tooth is loose or the actual root of the tooth is loose would be my first question to answer. Either one, it can be a host of problems from severe to moderate. to nothing.  Good luck. 

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