White spot on (actual) lower lip after cryo freezing. It it likely that it will heal or be permanent?

I recently got a benign melanotic macule spot frozen on my lower lip with liquid nitrogen.The spot is on the vermilion of the lip. I have done this before with no issues. This time the scab came off and I have a small ghost white spot on my lip. The scab came off 6 days ago and the white spot has been there since. The rest of the spot where the scab was is a reddish color and slightly puffy, which seems normal. Please advise.

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A photo or in office evaluation is necessary.

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White spot

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Thank you for your question. Without a photo of the area it is hard to determine what is going on with your lip. The white area could be a result of the scab having just fallen off and likely the pigment will return with time. However, some people will get hypo pigmentation from liquid nitrogen treatment, especially if they have a deeper treatment. I would recommend you return to your dermatologist to evaluate the area to assess what is going on. 

Lenore Sikorski, MD
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